UAE passport has been ranked the most powerful passport in the world bagging the 1st spot in global rankings.

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In a recent survey conducted by The Passport Index; one of the most widely acknowledged and followed interactive online tools that provides its users with insights on the ranking of passports across the globe against their freedom of movement and visa-free travel open to the passport holders. This tool then compares the passport values of countries and ranks them in an order.

This very tool i.e. The Passport Index carried out its ranking survey of 2018 and ranked UAE on top declaring the UAE passports as the most powerful in the world right now. This proud news came in at the same exact day as UAE’s 47th National Day Celebrations adding further to the country’s pride, happiness and celebrations. The announcement ,made official by the Ruler and Prime Minister of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on his twitter handle read of his elatedness and pride over the country’s achievement coinciding in perfect coherence with the morals and principles set and followed by the founding father of the nation i.e. Sheikh Zayed.

This huge achievement has to be credited to the vigorous and exceptional leadership of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Minister of The Ministry of Foregin Affairs and International Cooperation and the resilient and unwavering team work of all the people at the Ministry into bringing forth UAE on the global podium. Sheikh Abdullah also expressed his feelings over this occasion in his tweet owing this huge success to Sheikh Zayed’s legacy, the power of positive diplomacy and unwavering efforts.

From a 27th rank in the same Passport Index rating carried by the tool in December 2016, UAE succeeded in achieving the 1st spot in just over the course of 2 years. Contrary to the initiative taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation termed as ‘UAE Passport Force’ to bring the UAE passport to number 1 position by 2021, the team achieved its target way earlier in 2018 and that is indeed a very honourable achievement for the authorities.

Thus, such exemplary achievements are continuously adding to UAE’s global withstanding making it not only a strong economy but also an equally strong developmental and humanitarian region. We, at, are proud and delighted of this achievement and are now certain that this will surely ascertain the investors’ trust in UAE’s real-estate market and its out-of-the-box developmental approach convincing them to make fruitful investments.

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