fe UAE is ranked 9th among the best countries to live and work in

UAE Is Ranked 9th Among The Best Countries To Live And Work In

The UAE is ranked 9th best country to live or work in. The reasons for this subject are many. However, the most prominent one is the confirmation of expats living and working in this country. They have confirmed that their earnings in the UAE has been 50 percent higher than their income in their home country.

However, in the region, the UAE is still the top country to live and work in.

According to a survey, there are other reasons for this position. The main reasons are career progression, financial security, and the fact that UAE is the best place to raise a family.

One of the best features of the UAE is the high quality of life in this country. 83 percent of expats believe the UAE is a safe and secure place compared to their home country.

UAE is ranked 9th among the best countries to live and work in

It is interesting to note that many expats would like to stay a long time in the UAE. 46 percent of them wants to stay for 5 to more than 10 years.

The survey showed the earnings of a group has been 51 percent higher than their previous income in their country. People in this group were those under the age 35.

Young professionals are the main driver of this position. In fact, 62 percent of expats have cited career progression as the main reason to relocate. In this term, UAE is 15 points higher than the average.

Another reason for the expats was the ability to save and invest their money for retirement. After that,high-quality education for children and property are the main reasons.

About 35 percent of the expats said their move to the UAE led to quicker progression in comparison to their country. Besides, the salary they get in the UAE is the highest in the world. Also, young people can add 51 percent to their income in the UAE. This age group are earning more than any other age groups.

As Marwan Hadi, Head of Retail Banking at HSBC said, there are some reasons for the rise to 9th place. Economic diversification and world-class infrastructure of the country make it the best place to live and work in. while career progression and earning potential attract people to this country as well. In addition to these, the high quality of life and safety keep people in the UAE for good.

Among those countries which are the best places to live and work, Switzerland sits high. Other countries include Singapore, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, UAE, and Vietnam.

According to the above, the UAE is turning into a strong and wealthy country with instant progress. Its people are the happiest because they experience high quality of life. As well as this, their earnings is higher than many countries, and they feel safer and more secured unlike people in many countries.

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