UAE Govt announces open amnesty for illegally residing expatriates in the country

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Under the ‘Emirates free from violation’ initiative introduced by the authorities in the region, illegal expatriates residing within the country have now been provided with the chance to self-condemnation either by now regularizing and legalizing their residency status within the country or by just leaving the country without worrying about paying huge amounts of fine or bearing a re-entry ban.

How to apply for UAE amnesty 2018


This planned initiative by the UAE government aims to correct and filter the residency system within the country and will operate effectively starting from August 1, 2018 and ending at October 31, 2018. The Federal authorities have set up 9 operating centers across the country for such amnesty-seekers.

Coming down to the different types of people residing illegally within UAE, some of the people who fled from their sponsors would also be allowed to leave the country without bearing and paying any big fines or remunerations as well as those who entered the country illegally would be provided with exit passes, all such people would not be subjected to any re-entry bans and can return to the country even immediately after their exits through proper legal means.

However, if the illegal residents do not wish to leave the country, they can totally stay in UAE against a minimal fee in order to rectify their visa status legally. Not just that, but the authorities will also grant them utmost freedom to register themselves with the virtual labor market website of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to stay connected with the job market and avail employment opportunities in UAE to support themselves and their families to lead a stable and facilitated life and future in the country. The scenario, however, is a little different for those who entered the country through unauthorized means, as they will be subjected to a re-entry ban of 2 years.

Having given so much of support and freedom despite the gravity of the crime such people have committed by residing illegally within the country, the authorities have made it clear that several extensive inspections and surveys will be conducted after the amnesty period ends and people found guilty of not coming to seek amnesty during the prescribed period and still residing illegally will be subjected to severe repercussions facing grim consequences of their act.

UAE Visa file number and amnesty

The Director of Residency Affairs at the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashedi has reportedly stated that all kinds of visa policy violators i.e. those who fled from their sponsors and homes or the ones who overstayed, can all apply for this amnesty scheme. He has encouraged all such people to come out in open and sort this grave matter out in the best manner possible within this time to makes their lives easier.

For all those who are seeking amnesty or know any such people who are residing illegally within UAE, below is a thorough list of all the ‘Amnesty Centers’ planned to be established across the country from Aug 1, 2018 with effect:

  • Abu Dhabi – Immigration office in Shahama
  • Abu Dhabi – Immigration office in Al Ain
  • Abu Dhabi – Immigration office in Al Gharbia
  • Dubai- Immigration office in Al Aweer
  • Sharjah– Immigration office
  • Ajman– Immigration office
  • Fujairah- Immigration office
  • Ras Al Khaimah- Immigration office
  • Umm Al Quwain– Immigration office

Please note that the operating hours for all the centers will be 8:00 am to 8:00 pm during the weekdays.

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