UAE Government introduces new extremely flexible Visa Policies

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As we have emphasized time and again, UAE is a global hub engulfing a plethora of multi-cultural, multi-lingual people belonging to various different ethnic backgrounds. The state receives hundreds and thousands of expatriates every year coming to this land full of opportunities to establish their lives in with their families and form their homes. However, in the past, due to strict visa issuance and system policies, many people had to strive past such hurdles to ensure their stay within UAE.

UAE authorities introduce newer more accommodating visa system for widows, divorcees, visit visa holders & students.

In lieu of such not so feasible visa policies, many expatriates were forced to fly back to their countries and leave behind their well-established lives in the UAE. Therefore, the UAE Government has stepped ahead with a new visa system for such residents and visitors alike that will facilitate a longer and more relaxed stay within the country for such people.

According to the reports as of October 21, 2018, widows, divorced women, and their children along with students within the region will be provided with such flexible visa policies. Divorced women and widows will be granted with a one-year visa extension. No sponsor will be required under this period of 1-year extension for such women. Students studying past grade 12 in the UAE who are sponsored by their parents will also be granted with a two-year visa unlike the previous rules for the same. The students would be able to extend their visa after having already given a 1-year extension period after grade 12.

UAE authorities introduce newer more accommodating visa system for widows, divorcees, visit visa holders & students.

In context to the introduction of these policies, the Acting Director of General Foreigners Affairs and Ports, Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi was recorded stating: “The aim is to give women the opportunity to adjust to their social and economic status after the loss of the head of the family.”

In addition to these rules, the authorities also announced revised policies for people coming in with Visit Visas to the country. Visit Visa Holders can now apply for a 30-day extension twice (without leaving the country) against a minimal fee of 600 AED for the procedure.

Thus, this is certainly a positive step forward by the Government which will definitely help the residents and reap fruitful results for the country’s economy as well as global withstanding.

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