UAE Cabinet Issues Long-Term Visa Systems for Investors!

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Previously, you read that the UAE Government had decided to give a 10-year residency visa to investors in the region to boost and propagate investments in the UAE. Lately, based on another meeting, the Cabinet authorities decided that under a set of terms and conditions, they will give long-term visas to different types of investors. If you want to know more about the UAE long-term visa systems for Investors, continue reading.

The UAE long-term visa systems for Investors

Many people believe that this decision helps the UAE to prove to the world that it is a country with the best opportunities, where people choose to pursue their business setups. The first interesting point is that this initiative is not for investors only, and professionals and specialists from the medical, scientific, research and technical fields will include. The government decides in this way to encourage, propagate, uplift, and keep all kinds of infrastructural, technical, and educational improvements within the country.

UAE Cabinet issues long-term visa systems for Investors!

Who can apply for a long-term investment visa?

Based on the policies of long-term visas, both types of local investors and foreign investors who want to invest in property in the UAE can get a long-term visa. The Cabinet authorities segregated such investors into two main categories i.e.

  • As an investor who buys a property with AED 5 million value or more in UAE, you can ask for a 5-year residence visa.
  • The second group includes investors with a property investment value of AED 10 million. This investment should be in the public sector through a deposit, an established company, or a business partnership. Also, you can choose a cumulative investment in all the mentioned areas at the same value. Remember as long as non-real estate investments are not lesser than 60% of the total will be provided with a 10-year residence visa.

What are the conditions for the investors who want to take a UAE long-term visa?

If you are among one of the above groups and want to invest in UAE real-estate market to get a long-term visa, you need to have the below options:

  • The investors should not be the only owner of the investment and have to provide the authorities with all the required supporting documents to prove the same.
  • You have to retain your investment for at least 3-years.
  • A standard financial liability with financial solvency not exceeding Dh10 million.
  • The long-term visa granted can also be extended for spouses and children, business partners(given that each partner also contributes AED 10 million), an advisor, and an executive.
  • The decision allows investors to enter the country for six months, multiple entries, to apply for the long-term visa requirements


This advancement certainly ascertains the investors’ faith in this flourishing economy in UAE and is expected to reap good results for the region’s economic and financial withstanding. If you want to buy a property in this beautiful country, or need to find an off-plan project in the UAE, we are here to help you. Here, in dxboffplan, we gather a team of the best professionals who will answer all your questions online 24/7 for free. Our main purpose is to find you the best property for sale in Dubai or any other city in UAE city based on your budget.

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