UAE Authorities Have Announced Three Days of Paid Holiday for Employees

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There are special holidays and events in different countries around the world which some of them are closely related to culture or the religion of the people living in those countries. About the UAE and also other Muslim countries, Ramadan is a month of fasting which is followed by Eid Fitr, on the first day of Shawwal.

However, the nub of the matter is this enjoyable holiday in UAE. According to the report of Gulf News, this year, this middle-eastern country is going to announce three days of a pleasant holiday, but this point should not be forgotten that the employees in private and also public sector will be paid during these days.

UAE Authorities Have Announced Three Days of Paid Holiday for Employees

More about EID FITR in UAE

Usually, in the Islamic countries, the first day of Shawwal( a month in Lunar calendar) is considered as Eid Fitr when the Ramadan and 30 days of fasting have finished. This year, this holiday will be on 4th or 5th of June. The hesitation about the exact date of this event is mainly because the shape of the moon will determine whether the Ramadan is over or not. To be more exact, moon-sighting committees in each country all over the world try to see the moon of Shawwal, and when they make sure that this is the wanted shape, the arrival of Eid Al Fitr will be officially approved.

As earlier was mentioned, Eid Fitr means the 30 days of fasting is now over, and the meaning also appears to be “the festival of ending the fast”.

UAE Authorities Have Announced Three Days of Paid Holiday for Employees

What Muslim people do?

When this big day begins, Muslim people wake up early in the morning and clean their bodies and also dress in a smart way, but maybe the most important part of it is its special prayer, called Salat in Arabic, which is taken place in the mosque.

What is being done during gathering in the mosque is also interesting. Firstly, the praying itself is two parts which are called “Rakaat”. Secondly, the Imam asks for any good thing to be received from God. After doing these things, people say congratulations to each other which is “Eid Mubarak” meaning happy Eid.

It is also should be noticed that fasting is forbidden when Eid begins. Therefore, Muslims eat a very light breakfast followed by a heavy lunch as feast trying to gather family and friends together.

The most significant part of this holiday is the importance of donation. Rich people donate an amount of money to charities according to their financial ability in order to help people in need, and this costume is maybe the most interesting and lovely one.

At the end

A three-day of paid holiday has been considered in the UAE and in Dubai which is the most important city of it, on an occasion of Eid Fitr which means the ending of 30 days of fasting.

*written by: Maral Aryanpour

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