UAE announces New Visa Policies

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UAE announces New Visa Policies

UAE is known to be a homeland not only for the locals and its residents but also for hundreds and millions of expatriates flowing in from different corners of the world. Such huge numbers of people arriving to the region annually, there arises a need to accommodate all these people in the best way possible.

In lieu of these overwhelming facts, UAE Government has announced some recent changes in its Visa policies and they are definitely paving a way for more people entrusting their lives in the region and building a happy future here. To list them out, these are some of the new articles in Visa Policy that UAE has recently introduced are:

Starting off with a good news for the business runners in the country. Unlike old times where newer corporations and small and medium sized companies had to bear a whopping charge of AED 3000 worth of bank guarantee against newly recruited workers appointed for the respective jobs, the UAE government has made a gigantic change in the policy with the amount plummeting to a mere 60 AED worth of low-cost insurance scheme per worker valid for one year. It has been stated that the introduction of this policy aims to save businesses in the UAE an estimated sum of around 14 billion AED.

UAE announces New Visa Policies

Talking about jobs and employment, UAE holds head and operating offices to some of the globally renowned companies and this causes a transfer of country for several people belonging not only just to third-world countries but also first-world ones to UAE as their new home in search of employment. This commotion sometimes requires more effort and time and recognizing this very fact, the UAE government has extended the limited time residency visa for job-seekers in the UAE to a period of 6 months where they can feasibly settle themselves a little with the surroundings and look for better career opportunities for them unlike the rule beforehand that forced people to hastily setup for the first offer coming up no matter how good or bad just to settle in their roots within the country and get a visa.

UAE is a major tourist attraction and due to its ideal central location, many people from across the globe opt to visit the country even if on transit for a limited number of hours in order to experience the surrealism of this beautifully developed land. To ease up their lives, the government has given these tourists an option to get a free transit visa for the first 48 hours of their travel with an option to even extend it to 96 hours in exchange for a small fee of just AED 50. This policy is aimed to attract even more hounds of tourists from all over the world.

In addition to some of these ground breaking policies, there have been some flexibilities like university students sponsored by their parents in the country can get a 2-year extension on their visas even after finishing their studies. One major sigh of relief people can now heave is the government’s inclusion of the policy where people do not need to leave the country and make an exit while switching jobs or visas but can even do so while staying within the country against a minimal fee. One big and astounding revelation is the policy where UAE government has even been soft on those trying to enter the region illegally. People who have entered UAE illegally will be provided with a chance to leave voluntarily with a no-entry stamp for a course of 2 years given they provide their present return ticket to the authorities.

Thus, such flexible and relaxed policies will surely benefit the country economically and socially in a longer run.


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