Two Indian Man Receiving a Special Visa of Dubai

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As anyone knows, Dubai is an eye-catching middle-eastern city that has recently made prominent progress in various fields that the most important one is business. This success can be attributed to some rules set by UAE government in Dubai.

One of the reasons of such a huge success of Dubai is that the doors of Dubai have been open to different nationalities from more than 120 countries during last few decades. In other words, with the existence of diverse people, new ideas came to Dubai in order to make it what it appears today through establishing new companies with new ideas. Therefore, these actions have the potential to make wealth for this ever-expanding city.

Two Indian Man Receiving a Special Visa of Dubai

For instance, according to Khaleej times, two Indian businessmen called Vasudev Shamdas Shorff and Khushi Khatwani have recently known as the first men receiving 10-year visa of Dubai. The former is the chairman and the latter is the owner of Khushi jewelers. This situation may look odd at first sight due to the fact that this kind of visa was not possible, but why should this happen?

As it was said earlier, the UAE governors do their best in order for city to become wealthier, more powerful and absolutely more successful than the past. In fact , this 10-year visa may make them sure these two talented Indian businessmen can drive Dubai toward its goals through what they do.

The most interesting point that should be kept in mind is that Dubai authorities’ intention of doing such a weird thing was to show the world that Dubai is the most preferred destination not only to travel and live, but also for trade and business. In other words , Dubai intends to attract the most gifted ones , and by this action UAE ensures permanent belonging of these people to this dream land.

Two Indian Man Receiving a Special Visa of Dubai

Another reason for the incredible success of Dubai in the business field is that some rules are set which really support entrepreneurship and any other things which benefits different businesses in Dubai. For example, one of those rules is tax-relief for some businesses which can be influential toward achieving their goals. All of these actions are special decisions that have been made in order to make this incredible city even more successful and pioneer in every field.

At the end

According to what has been mentioned earlier, Dubai has been pioneer and extremely successful in any field including trade, tourism and hospitality, but the most prominent one has been the actions made toward making this Emirate even wealthier than the past and receiving the long-term visa of Dubai by two Indian men witnesses all of these. Briefly, according to report of Khaleej times, this happened so as to show the world that UAE does anything toward more success and that it is willing to attract businessmen or businesswomen only owing to the fact that Dubai achieves its goal which is a prosperity of its people.

Two Indian Man Receiving a Special Visa of Dubai

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