The Very Special Action Taken by The Islamic Center of Bur Dubai

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Ramadan is a month of fasting that Muslim people try not to eat anything from sunrise to sunset and this custom is highly valuable in Islamic countries especially in the UAE which places a premium on paying attention to the true message of Islam.

In fact, the nub of the argument is that the Islamic center of Bur Dubai has been serving Muslim and non-Muslim people a meal called Iftar which ends fasting, for nearly 10 years. In this center, 400 people gathered in two separate tents. Men are assigned with one of those tents and women are allocated another one.

The very special action taken by the Islamic center of Bur Dubai

Something appearing a little odd

What appears a little weird here is that fasting is what Muslim people do, but why non-Muslims are being served? The answer is that this center wants non-Muslims to gain a deeper insight into the life of a Muslim person and absolutely his opinions.

Special meal of Iftar

According to the recent report of Khaleej times, different kinds of people from across the community are invited and they feel like a family. What appears to be interesting is that some people bring food with them from home and also it should be said that what Muslim people eat for Iftar meal is special. actually, it usually consists of chicken or lamb biryani, yogurt, drinks, and dates.

Opinions were changed

Another significant point about this feast is that this center has been witnessing an upsurge in the number of non-Muslims who accept Islam during 10 years of keeping this celebration. Rashid Al Junaibi, the director of Islamic center of Bur Dubai said: “ during Ramadan, we witness an increase of about 50 percent in the number of reverts. This is because, Muslims practice and show Islamic values more during this month by praying in public and fasting in front of their friends ”.

As it was said earlier, many people have changed their opinion over Islam and have become familiar with the true message of Islam that made them embrace Islam and become Muslim. For example, Ugandian expat Geofrey who works as cleaner is a telling example who found out the true meaning of Islam which is peace, and after that he decided to start fasting.

Last talk

In Islam religion, there is a holy month called Ramadan that Muslims fast for nearly 30 days. however, what appears to be very interesting in this month is special behaviors of Muslims. In fact, they try to do something that God has suggested like forgiveness and helping each other , but what this essay intended to put forward was a very special thing that the Islamic center of Bur Dubai has been doing for the last ten years in order to show the world and people from other religions what the real Islam is.

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