The biggest library of the region in Abu Dhabi

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This library is exclusively for kids offering learning and play spaces

The biggest children’s library in the region will open in Abu Dhabi. This giant library will keep over 35,000 books in several languages. Actually, this library offers learning and play spaces with special goals. One of these goals is to encourage kids to learn, read and imagine the big ideas of the future.

This library is located next to “Qasr Al Hosn” at Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the UAE. Qasr Al Hosn is positioned at the heart of Abu is the oldest landmark of Abu Dhabi.

Also, it should be said that this library features three floors with total size of 5,250-square meters. Besides, it is divided into several social spaces. Each space is considered for children of different age groups.

This famous library includes play and learnings spaces in which children can immerse themselves in different stories. In addition, it is interesting to note that the floors are inspired by the landscape of the UAE. As well as these, the library has other spaces such as storytelling, filmmaking and writing for teens and children.

The learning and reading area is the most valuable source of this library for school groups, young people and even families. This section includes a year-round program designed for children and families. This program offers exhibitions and workshops for children with the goal of developing lifelong learning.

The workshops of the library are considered for children aged up to 14 years as well as their families. As Reem Fadda, director of the Cultural Foundation, has told Khaleej Times, the library requires prior booking of at least 24 hours. She also has said that most of the materials in the workshop will be free. Besides, children can take home all their crafts.

This library is exclusively for kids offering learning and play spaces

Cultural hub

In fact, this library is part of the cultural foundation of Abu Dhabi. As well as the library, the cultural hub of the UAE’s capital city includes a 900-seat theatre.

Moreover, the cultural hub of Abu Dhabi consists of a visual art exhibition and art studios house of calligraphy (Bait Al Khatt).

Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of the Executive Committee, thinks of Abu Dhabi’s cultural hub as a strength. As he said, it links the UAE’s history to future aspirations.

He has also said that investment in this library will lead to develop young leaders of the future. This is because this library can help children develop their leadership skills.

However, these are not the only benefits of this significant site. The communities of Abu Dhabi and the visitors of the cultural hub also have greater access to art, culture, literature and learning experiences. Thus, people of the UAE can be educated and entertained at the same time.

*The information above was based on the recent report of Khaleej Times website.

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