fe The best time to invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The Best Time to Invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Dubai is a middle-eastern city which is highly diverse due to a large number of expats from different countries and nationalities. Some of them, who are working in Dubai, prefer to rent an apartment rather than buy one. It is because they believe that this will save their money in an effort to buy a house in their home country.

The best time to invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

According to the fact that the expats usually stay a long time in Dubai, and the prices in the real estate market of Dubai tend to decline in the coming years, some experts say that buying a house in Dubai is an option helping them save money. The reasons indicating that buying a property is the right step are as follows:

  • Buyers’ Market

According to the JLL estimates, Dubai now has turned into buyers’ market, as the prices for properties in Dubai have declined by nearly a quarter of what they were in 2014. To be more precise, the reduction for apartments was 10 percent, and for villas was 9 percent in 2018.

In addition to this, experts have predicted that we will witness a reduction of 5-10 percent in the property price this year due to more new stock being added to the market.

  • Rent or Buy

Mario Volpi, sales manager of Engel & Völkers Dubai, has put forward that buying is usually more sensible for anyone who has set his mind on staying in Dubai for seven years or more.

For a person who intends to stay in Dubai for seven years or more, it will definitely be cheaper if he buys a property, as the costs and fees for rent are extremely high. However, for those staying for a shorter period renting would be a better option.

  • Higher profit

Even for investors who do not want to live in Dubai, and just want to take advantage of high rents in Dubai, brokers believe that investing now is more lucrative.

They put forward that the profit of investment for residential properties in Dubai now is about 6-8 percent while the figures relating to similar properties show a profit of roughly 2 percent in Hong Kong. Also, the figures for London and Singapore are between 3.7-4.5 percent.

  • New visa rules

New rules for visa set from the UAE’s government also will increase demand for investing in Dubai, increasing prices and rents in the long term. Last year, the UAE government announced some measures in an effort to boost investments in Dubai.

The best time to invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

One of the measures was enabling expats who are over 55 to receive five-year retirement on a condition of owning a property worth at least Dh2 million or having Dh1 million in savings or an active income of nearly  Dh20,000 a month. Given the new rules, the UAE allows doctors and engineers also to have access to long term visas.

*most of the information above is based on Gulf News Website

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