The Beginning of Dubai Land

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The Beginning of Dubai Land | Dubai Holding

There are only a few places in this world in which you can say that you are both lost and found. Truth be told — Dubai might just be one of those places. Living in a city that is as visually stunning as it is, you may want to think about building a life of your own there.  Since Dubai is a city that is growing at an exponential rate, the thought of you building a life there should not be too difficult.

With an economy that is consistent and strong, there are many opportunities that you can look into to help you kick start a life that you can smile at forever. Of course, before packing your bags and making a move to the wonderful city that is Dubai, you should look into investing in a property that is beautiful and practical. Therefore choosing a property should not be a difficult process if it is remarkable and accessible.

Most companies and major establishments are located in Dubai, the best place to stay would be in a land that is in or closest to the rising city. Lucky for all, Dubai Land has multiple projects lined up that will give everyone just what they are looking for. What makes it even better is that these areas are interlinked with different places which makes it a definite prime location.

The Beginning of Dubai Land | Dubai Holding

The Present of Dubai Land

Dubai Land has purchased a vast number of lands to build a larger than life experience for residents who plan to live close to these areas. While some of these spreads will be residential spaces, others are meant to be for business, entertainment, and lifestyle. In addition to that, some of these projects have been launched years back, but you can expect great expansion in the coming years.

As part of the Dubai Land project, you can expect to see the following:

Area Purpose
Arjan Residential  Area with Medium Rise Buildings
Majan Parks and Connective Spaces
Liwan I Residential Area mixed with Recreational, Business, and Retail Components
Liwan II Residential  Area with Low Rise Buildings (Meant For Middle-Income Families)
Dubailand Residence Complex Residential Area with High Standards of Modern Living
Dubai International Academic City Educational Institutions
Dubai Industrial Park Trading Zones for Various Items
Dubai Science Park Business Community for Science and Entrepreneurship
Dubai Production City Industry For Publishing, Printing, and Packaging and other Production Related Activities
Dubai Studio City An Extension of DPC – with Services Ranging From Broadcasting, Film and TV Production, Music, and Other Entertainment Related Activities

The Future Of Dubai Land

As mentioned in the above, some of these areas are being built while other areas have already been launched years prior. The areas that were launched years prior are home to companies that have generated jobs for thousands of people and in plans of expansion. Dubai, being a progressive city, is accepting various businesses to help build the economy. One can only expect bigger and better things to come in the future.

The Beginning of Dubai Land | Dubai Holding

Investing in Dubai Land

Choosing to live in an area that is thriving is not only a smart choice but also a very practical one.  These large areas are home to many companies from various industries, finding a job and getting to work should not be a problem. In addition, with multiple residential areas to choose from as part of the Dubai Land project, every individual is sure to find the best one that fits their need and is within the given budget.

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