The Beauty of Marsa Al Arab Villas Dubai, UAE

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If Las Vegas is known to be the city that never sleeps, then Dubai is known as the city that never stops. With the many business towers, recreational areas, and residential neighborhoods being built every so often, it is no wonder that Dubai has gained such immense recognition over the years. With that said, a good number of people are making big investments in Dubai.

Marsa Al Arab Villas at Marsa Al Arab | Dubai Holding

In the year 2021, you can expect Marsa Al Arab Villas, an exclusive residential neighborhood, to join the family in Dubai. But before you are let in on the many five-star facilities, you can expect to know that the very exclusive neighborhood is not one that you can easily forget. Marsa Al Arab Villas  is being built next to the infamous Burj Al Arab which is known to be one of the most stunning 7-star hotels in the world. That being said, you can expect nothing but the best in this remarkable neighborhood. With a spectacular view and features that are sure to spoil you, you would be out of your mind to not make the investment if given an opportunity.

In this beautiful neighborhood, there are many amenities that you can look forward to — some of which may even prove to be irresistible. Since it is very exclusive, you may even find that some of these comforts and conveniences are not even available in the most elite neighborhoods that are standing in Dubai today. Well, what do you expect when you are going to be situated next to the Burj Al Arab?

Marsa Al Arab Villas at Marsa Al Arab | Dubai Holding

The best of the best properties are ones that are spacious, beautiful, and most importantly, private. In this neighborhood, only a total of nine (9) villas are being built — all of which will include the following:

(1) Ground Floor + A Three (3) Floored Mansion;
(2) Private Yacht Parking;
(3) Beach Access;
(4) Private Life;
(5) On-Call Availability for Jumeirah Hotel Services, etc.



And while there are many more amenities that you can look forward to while living in this area, the most rewarding one would be the spectacular views that you would be waking up to every day. With a 360-degree view of the sea and the world’s tallest tower by your side, you will be getting the best of both worlds, a place where land meets the sea.

Of course, entertaining guests should be of no issue at all in this scenic destination. Since each villa will have around 8,000 to 15,000 square meters, there is enough space to entertain a number of guests while still keeping your privacy intact. Moreover, with a 24/7 on-call service from the Jumeirah Hotel, meeting any of their needs should not be a problem as well.

With all that has been said about Marsa Al Arab Villas, the investment surely seems well worth it. And with only nine (9) villas up for grabs, you should not let this opportunity go to waste if given the chance to purchase. In an economy as strong and steady as Dubai, the value of the property will only increase with time.

Marsa Al Arab Villas | Dubai Holding


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