Spend Summer 2019 in Dubai

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As you probably know, Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations to travel despite its warm weather. Many people travel to this beautiful middle-eastern city because of different fun activities every year. Here are some must-do things that you can enjoy doing in Dubai.

Spend Summer 2019 in Dubai

#1 go luxury shopping

Dubai is very famous for luxury shopping where the dream of shopping lovers come true. There are a variety of luxury malls offering anything you need. It is absolutely a good idea to visit the largest shopping mall in the world “Dubai Mall”. Dubai Mall is one of the most attractive malls in the world that not only gives you the opportunity to shop but also it suggests an aquarium and an underwater zoo.

Also, there are other shopping malls in Dubai such as Mall of the Emirate. Mall of the Emirate suggests an unforgettable experience of luxury shopping, but if you get tired of shopping, there are plenty of activities that will entertain you. For example, you can enjoy the games at Magic Planet or try Ski Dubai which will absolutely be enjoyable.

#2 take a desert safari tour

A desert safari tour in the picturesque desert of Dubai will definitely be a good idea. A variety of desert safari tours are offered in Dubai suggesting 4 wheel drive plus a BBQ. So, taking these kinds of tours will absolutely be a unique experience which sits high in must-do activities.

Spend Summer 2019 in Dubai

#3 take the speed boat tour

Taking a speed boat tour will surely be adventurous in some ways. The boat will stop at some beautiful attractions. Plus, it will be a good idea to come up with some snapping photos to share on social media. Are you crazy about thrill? So sit at the front of the boat, and feel the wind flow in your hair.

#4 visit Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most beautiful areas of Dubai with stunning views. The views of Dubai Marina are extremely eye-catching especially for taking some photos. However, you shouldn’t miss the Pier 7 at night. Dining at one of seven restaurants of Pier 7 will absolutely bring more pleasure to your trip.

Spend Summer 2019 in Dubai

#5 Burj Khalifa

Your next step in Dubai is to see the stunning parts of Dubai from the highest spot of the world. Burj Khalifa is the must-visit attraction of this beautiful city. So, don’t miss it at all. Besides watching the eyeful city, the mesmerizing sunset of Dubai and its dancing fountain is absolutely joyful.

#6 go sand boarding

Dubai is the city of sands, as sand is everywhere in this city. Sandboarding is an exclusive kind of boarding that you can experience only in Dubai. Thus, you should definitely do this.

These were 6 of highly recommended tips for you to have an unforgettable trip to Dubai. However, there are other places to visit and other activities to do in this desirable city. Therefore, if you don’t know where to go, have Dubai in mind!

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