Reportage Holds Its Exhibition In Dubai With Special Discounts

Reportage Developer held its distinguished real estate exhibition on Saturday, November 28, 2020 at the Westin Dubai Beach Resort

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Reportage Developer held its distinguished real estate exhibition on Saturday, November 28, 2020 at the Westin Dubai Beach Resort

Reportage Holds Its Exhibition In Dubai With Special Discounts

Where the exhibition was well attended to take advantage of the distinctive offers presented by Reportage Company

The exhibition was also attended by Mr. / Islam Hamdy   CEO of Reportage Company

And he followed the steps of the exhibition to meet all the requirements of the reportage company

Mr / Muhannad Al-Muhaisen, the company’s sales manager, kindly gave us a full explanation of the effectiveness of the exhibition and the most important advantages of Reportage projects.

Reportage Holds Its Exhibition In Dubai With Special Discounts

He started a conversation with us with “May God bless you.

With you is Muhannad Al-Muhaisin, Sales Director at Reportage Real Estate Development.

This company was established in 2014, and then we established projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Let us give you a simple overview of our projects in Dubai.

We have the most important project in Dubai, which is Rakan Community, which is: It consists of townhouses, consisting of one room, hall, two rooms, hall, three rooms, a hall, four rooms and a hall. In addition to three towers in this luxurious project.

The standards are very nice, and it is almost the cheapest and most affordable townhouses in Dubai.

A very convenient payment plan, the deadline is very close, and the delivery will take place in a year and a half.

This project achieved a very high sales rate, the added value was approximately 40 units.

And now we are in an exhibition like what you can see in Dubai, doing a very excellent show.

Pay 10% We give you a 10% discount at the same time.

As for Dubai, we have two projects:

The first project, which is Rakan, we explained to you.

The second project, which is Alexis Tower, is a very beautiful project in a prime location in Jebel Ali Downtown opposite the UAE Exchange Metro station, in different units starting from a studio, a room, a hall, two rooms and a hall.

The criteria are very beautiful. Fully furnished. With very beautiful views, the project achieved a very high sales rate.

With these two projects, we tried to build a beautiful name for us in Dubai, and thank God we achieved a very high sales rate.

As for Abu Dhabi, we have several projects. We delivered two projects in Masdar City, Leonardo A – B.

We have two projects that will be received at the same time at the beginning of 2021 at the beginning of next year, a project in Al Raha Beach and a second project in Masdar City, opposite the first mall of Majid Al Futtaim.

At the same time, we have two projects under construction: a project called Oasis 2, in addition to Oasis 1, which will be received early next year.

It will take over Oasis 2 before the end of 2022, and we also have another project called The Gate.

Let us give you look of the most important project we have in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is the Maria Vista project.

The Maria Vista project is the first residential project at the moment on Al Maryah Island, next to the Cleveland Hospital on the island itself.

Reportage Holds Its Exhibition In Dubai With Special Discounts

Let’s call it a residential project for living, as it is the only residential project at the present time. Behind the project will be the Rose Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel, and the Galleria Mall.

Its standards are very beautiful, fully furnished, with a view of the canal, consisting of different types of units, including a studio, a room and a hall of two types – Junior and executive, two rooms and a hall, three rooms and a hall, a penthouse, and shops.

This project will be received by the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024.

This project has achieved a very high sales rate, which has reached almost 65% at the present time.

And, we have other projects that will be launched on the island of Elias and in the city of Al Falah.

And thank you for your follow-up. ”

On the other hand, Mr/ Adel Jamal Khan a senior Property consultant at Reportage Developer  added the importance of holding the exhibition at the present time, as he expressed his happiness with the offers and the interaction of all the company’s clients with these offers

At the end of the exhibition Mrs. Bushra Al-Ajilat, a Property consultant at Reportage Real Estate Company, added that the company is one of the most prominent names on the real estate field in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

As the company was able in a short time to reserve a special name for it among the first real estate companies in the United Arab Emirates

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