Property for sale in Karachi

Property for sale in karachi

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Emaar Panorama Residential Complex in Karachi, Pakistan is where you can find your favorite apartment in the heart of DHA 8. Just click here for more information.

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Search your favorite home in Pakistan among the Views apartments in DHA Phase 8, Pakistan. For more information on prices and terms, click here.

If you are looking to buy a property for sale in Pakistan, you must have heard the name Karachi. This city is the largest metropolitan and cosmopolitan city in Pakistan, where you can find the best property options for a beneficial investment. Keep reading and learn more about the advantages of the property for sale in Karachi, Pakistan that attract buyers from around the world. Also, I will talk about other important details you have to consider when you want to buy a home in Karachi properties.

Why do investors choose Karachi properties to buy?

The bustling city of Karachi is located along the Arabian Sea coastline as Pakistan’s financial, trade, and industrial center. This city is separated into six sections: Central Karachi, East Karachi, South Karachi, West Karachi, Korangi, and Malir. It might be interesting to know that while the population of Karachi is not homogenous, it is a combination of numerous cultures and nationalities because many refugees from other parts of the country, and the world, have relocated and settled there. Also, many non-Muslim investors choose Karachi as a great investment hotspot because it has the largest number of non-Muslim communities than other cities in Pakistan. Totally, I can say that the many investors choose Karachi properties for sale because of the below facts:

  • This city is full of multinational companies and industries, which means you can live in a booming trade sector and among a multi-linguistic population.
  • Many investors believe that the real estate market of Karachi’s multifaceted because it has the most convenient options for real estate in Pakistan than any other city in the country.
  • You can find many economical options like Karachi’s flats at affordable prices.
  • Also, if you wish to own a bigger space, you can find great properties in Karachi, Pakistan.

What are the best neighborhoods to buy a property in Karachi, Pakistan?

As I mentioned before, recently Karachi has become one of the most important investment hotspots in Pakistan, which means the population of this important city is increasing dramatically. It means over the years, Karachi city has expanded a wide range of residential communities to meet the needs of this increasing population. Today, if you search in the Karachi real estate market to find your favorite home, you can find several gated communities and individual housing schemes that offer great homes and apartments. For example, if you want to buy a quite expensive home, you can search among areas like DHA, Bahria Town, DHA City, Clifton, Zamzama, etc as the posh localities of Karachi city. But when you do not want to spend much money and need a more affordable home, I suggest you search among properties in locations such as Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan, PECHS, Bahadurabad, etc. Also, there are some cheap options that you can buy in the low-cost outskirts of the city in areas like Gulshan-e-Maymar, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Saadi Town, etc.

What are the great features of Karachi properties for sale?

Here, I have to mention that Karachi offers real estate projects with facilities and amenities that boost a lot of demand for residents. Whether you want to buy a home in a luxury neighborhood or a normal area, read the below points and learn more about the general features of these properties.

  • The ideal size of homes would be something like 120-sq.yd, 250-sq.yd, 500-sq.yd and 1000-sq.yd.
  • About the design of these homes, I have to mention that most of the new houses provide contemporary European architectural designs. But as a buyer, you have the option to customize your home in most projects.
  • Another great point that I have to mention about the feature of Karachi homes is that while you can find some four floors of buildings, most of the homes are single or double-story.

What are the different types of property for sale in Karachi?

As you previously read, the real estate market in Karachi is among the hottest ones nowadays. As a result, potential buyers are offered a wide range of options for a house for sale in Karachi. For example, based on your budget, your goal, and your preferences, you can choose among different options such as plots, bungalows, Karachi villas, and luxury apartments equipped with modern facilities and amenities in Karachi.

As it might seem obvious, most people choose to buy their favorite home among luxury villas due to security reasons and other facilities, like swimming pools and gymnasiums.

What is the sale price trend of Karachi houses?

One of the most important factors that each potential buyer considers before buying a home is the sale price. Like all other locations, the property price of houses in Karachi differ based on options like the size, location, and materials used in the construction. While it is not possible to say the exact price of the Karachi properties for sale, here I will mention some important facts that might help you in this field.

First of all, you have to know that you can buy your favorite home in Karachi in cash or with a monthly installment plan. Also, I have to mention the estimated sale price trend for a small 120-Sq. Yd house would be something around PKR 15 lakh to PKR 90 lakh. But if you want to buy a 250-sq.yd house for sale in Karachi you need to pay PKR 50 lakh to PKR 1.2 crore.  Also, you can find more expensive options, such as a 500-sq.yd house in Karachi at PKR 90 lakh to PKR 11 crore.

What are the social services and facilities available in Karachi?

One of the most important advantages of Karachi homes that attract a buyer is that all essential social facilities and services are available in this city. Below I will introduce some of these services and amenities:

Karachi schools, universities, and hospitals

Throughout Pakistan, Karachi is famous because of its best educational institutions like Karachi Grammar School, which was the school of many renowned businessmen and politicians. Also, other schools provide quality primary and secondary education to students, such as:

  • Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges
  • The American School Karachi
  • Foundation Public School

Also, if you are living with your older children and look for a great college, be sure that you can find the best centers of higher education in both public and private sectors in Karachi, such as:

  • Dow University
  • Aga Khan University Hospital
  • NED University
  • Indus Valley School of Arts

Here, I have to add that while all of these education centers are famous nationally, some of them are recognized as the best international options.

In the end, if you are a university student, you can choose to study at Karachi University, which is one of the top-notch, yet affordable education centers.

Karachi facilities and security

As you know Karachi is one of the best cities in Pakistan that attracts people and tourists from around the country. This city is known as the home of some of the best malls, restaurants, parks, etc. Also, this city is famous as the ‘city of lights or the ‘city that never sleeps where you can experience the spectacular nightlife. One important thing that you should not miss about Karachi’s advantages is that you can enjoy living near the sea, which is not available in any other city in Pakistan. As a resident of Karachi, you can enjoy relaxing on beaches like Sandspit, Hawke’s Bay, Sea View, etc. More than the sea, this fascinating city is full of stunning sights and views.

Also, you can enjoy other leisure activities such as scuba diving and paragliding activities at Charna Island and Mubarak Village. And if you like to have a peaceful weekend, you can choose public parks like Ibn-e-Qasim, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park, or water parks like Sunway Lagoon, Fiesta, etc.

Finally, I have to mention that thanks to the efforts of the police, rangers, and army, as a resident of this city you can live in safety and peace.

Choose the best Karachi houses!

If you have some extra money and look for a great property for sale in Pakistan, read the above text and learn more about one of the best cities in Pakistan, Karachi where the Emaar Pakistan developer is developing great projects in. Karachi city which has always been awe-inspiring for tourists and even the metropolis’s residents now offers the best residential projects as a beneficial investment opportunity. If you are interested in buying a property for sale in Karachi, Pakistan, contact us at Dxboffplan, and we will help you find the best case based on your preferences. Do not forget that our professional team is online 24/7, and you can contact them online through the site to ask your questions for free.

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