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Location Features

Tilal City is a mixed-use development in Sharjah composed of five zones that offers a unique opportunity to lease land and build property within the emirate. The Tilal City building plots (residential and retailare located in the Zones A, B and D of the development.

Tilal City Zone A

The Zone A of Tilal City is shaped as a crescent and is overlooking a public park located beside the mall. The vibrant zone is surrounded with several retail and residential apartments. Residents can access pedestrian walkways being a key feature in the neighborhood. The buildings in zone A are comprised of different plot types including

  • Type A-01A: Terraced Apartments with Retail
  • Type A-02: Apartments

The zone features a total of 251 buildings and an additional 45 buildings offering terraced retail and apartments.

Tilal City Zone B

The Zone B of Tilal City is a beautiful residential district that offers quality neighborhood amenities. The residential buildings in this zone are comprises of three different plot types:

  • Type B-01: Residential Apartments with Retail (G+4)
  • Type B-03: Residential Apartments (G+3)

The architectural styles in this zone vary depending on plots and areas. There are is a total of 380 apartment buildings within the zone with 56 retail units on the ground floor, while 326 apartment buildings are without retail.

Tilal City Zone D

The Zone D of Tilal City is the largest among the 5 zones. The properties are composed of a mixed-use building for residential, business and entertainment purposes. The zone also offers retail, commercial and residential buildings. Here are the different types of building located in Zone D:

  • D-01: Mixed use (Residential + Office + Retail)
  • D-02: Mixed use (Residential + Office + Retail)
  • D-03: Mixed use (Residential + Office)
  • D-04: Residential Apartments

The buildings can constructed with different architectural styles including neo-classical with Arab motifs and contemporary designs.

Convenient Location

Tilal City in Sharjah is a unique mixed use community development that is expected to accommodate 65,000 residents. The community which sprawls 25 million square feet, is strategically situated on the Emirates Road (E611) and is just a ten-minute drive from the Sharjah Airport. The location of Tilal City is also just 2 kilometers away from Dubai.

Project Location

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Tilal City
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