JMA Furjan at Al Furjan

JMA is a recently established mind bogglingly stunning residential development by Meileinstein Developments featuring spacious and commodious 1BR, 2BR & 3BR apartments with the finest set of amenities and an exceptionally central location in Al Furjan. JMA is a residential development situated by Meileinstein's in a revolutionary development of Al Furjan designed and dedicated for an extremely spacious and commodious lifestyle. JMA is the residential part of it, offering 1BR, 2BR, 3BR apartments adorned by the finest of maestros and provided with the best amenities around.

Project Overview

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Price Per Sqft from-
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Type Apartments
Location Al Furjan
DeveloperMeileinstein Developers
Developer Projects2
Est. Completion Q4 2020

JMA by Meileinstein Developments

A relatively newer developer but already quite a deep-rooted one, Meileinstein Developments has come up with its path-breaking new project like JMA lying along Dubai’s most central and most commodiously built area like Al Furjan. A relatively newer entry to the bustling real-estate market of UAE, Meileinstein Developments have already established their niche in the market as renowned, appreciated and well established. Quite deep-rooted and supremely applauded for ages now within the real-estate market of Germany, Meileinstein Developments are now all set to put their foot in UAE. UAE’s ever-flourishing real-estate market is already quite tight, with some major giants having already established their grounds in the arena, newbees are left with very precise and limited opportunities to step ahead and compete with such development entities. Meileinstein- on the other hand, has been able to accomplish just that and more. A part of Azizi Corporation owned by Mr Fawad Azizi, a recognized name in the UAE market, this journey of making its place in the UAE market has certainly not been an easy ride for Meileinstein. Having stepped literally out of the lap of luxury of the biggest real-estate group in Germany, it is certainly a difficult turn to plummet your grandeur and splendor a notch down to match the new market. Despite all these and many more hurdles, Meileinstein has still been able to pull off some breakthrough benchmark projects in the region which are definitely worth mentioning and one of them is definitely the stunning and charismatic development of JMA.  JMA is a hand-printed canvas of some business best architects and interior designers in the region who have delivered to the best of their abilities within this project. JMA features immaculately infrastructured 1BR, 2BR & 3BR apartments with the finest set of internal furnishings and closet and cabinet spaces. With a whopping collection of hundreds of apartments choices to opt from, the residential development provides investors with a wide variety of options to opt through. These uber-chic and urban apartments deliver the truest essence of a homely relaxed feeling to the residents. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that JMA is the perfect amalgamation and pinnacle of everything uber-modern and chic combined with all things classic and antique and so does the aura and persona of this stunning development reflects rightfully.

Premium Amenities

JMA by Meileinstein Developments is a residential community well-equipped with very quintessential amenity required by the residents. The development has a well-furnished health centre providing gym, yoga, as well as exercising space for the residents. Not just that, With lush green parks in the surroundings, the whole community bears a feel-good essence to it. JMA is situated along Al Furjan which is a beautiful and wholesome mixed-use development entailing spacious and commodious area for residential developments in the surroundings, a renowned and very well-established German boutique development company now ready to venture with its groundbreakingly unique and distinguished development projects within the region. Thus, due to its location along Al Furjan, JMA enjoy access to some state-of-the-art amenities in the surroundings. Be it dedicated separate swimming pools for men and women or secured and gated play areas for the kids, this residential community is an all-engulfing one. Covered parking spaces and 24/7 security checks also serve as one of the most striking provisions of this residential development by Meileinstein Developments. In addition to these necessities, the community also enjoys close access to the city’s best retail, leisure, dining, and recreational spots.

Convenient Location

No matter how comforting the property is, how spaciously and commodiously is it built, how conveniently and feasibly it engulfs all the surrounding facilities and amenities around it, the location of any given property often acts a game changer because the convenience, reachability, and accessibility of that location often act as the ground principles to the decision making process of an investor. Fortunately and owing to Meileinstein Developments’ strategic and well-thought upon background extensive research and homework, JMA in Al Furjan enjoys a very strategic and central location when it comes to the ease of commute and ease of residence it promises to provide its investors and residents alike. JMA is situated along the magnificently designed and placed commercial development i.e. Al Furjan. It is due to this central location that JMA lies in close proximity some of the most key locations in the city like Downtown Dubai, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa etc for residents to commute easily. Not just that, the residential development also lies in very central proximity to city’s best recreational key locations. However, having said that, it would not be wrong to say that the development does not essentially require proximity to the nearest recreational and leisure spots as it is extremely unique and recreational in its own stature. Al Furjan has been built and designed to accommodate all such factors kept in mind. One can enjoy not just its serene, quiet and spacious location away from the city’s hustle bustle but also the pandora box full of recreational and fun activities that it offers to the residents choosing JMA as their address. Your dream home is here. What are you waiting for? Head to the property listings page at and check out the details of this project.

Payment Plan

InstallmentMilestonePayment (%)
1st InstallmentBooking Fee20% + 4%
2nd InstallmentAfter 30 Days of Sale1%
3rd InstallmentAfter 60 Days of Sale1%
4th InstallmentAfter 90 Days of Sale1%
5th InstallmentAfter 120 Days of Sale1%
6th InstallmentAfter 150 Days of Sale1%
7th InstallmentAfter 180 Days of Sale1%
8th InstallmentAfter 210 Days of Sale1%
9th  InstallmentAfter 240 Days of Sale1%
10th  InstallmentAfter 270 Days of Sale2%
11th  InstallmentAfter 300 Days of Sale2%
12th  InstallmentAfter 330 Days of Sale2%
13th InstallmentAfter 360 Days of Sale2%
14th InstallmentAfter 390 Days of Sale2%
15th InstallmentAfter 420 Days of Sale2%
16th InstallmentAfter 450 Days of Sale2%
17th InstallmentAfter 480 Days of Sale2%
18th InstallmentAfter 510 Days of Sale2%
19th InstallmentAfter 540 Days of Sale2%
20th InstallmentAfter 570 Days of Sale2%
21st InstallmentOn Handover50%

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Al Furjan
This location in the map may not be exact. To get exact location, click here
This location in the map may not be exact. To get exact location, click here.

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