Off-Plan Properties for Sale in Dubai

off plan property for sale in dubai
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Property for sale in Dubai

For the past few years, off-plan projects have sprung as a trend again to investors. This happened after off-plan was put in bad light during the global financial crisis in UAE. Today, the new off-plan properties for sale in Dubai are targeted to the mid-market bracket, capitalizing on affordability and the overhauled laws that protect the interests of buyers and sellers in the real estate sector.


One of the main benefits of investing in off-plan property is affordability. Projects that are still under development are priced at a promotional offer with an attractive payment plan. If you would browse through off-plan properties for sale in Dubai, you would see that developers offer a price less than the actual selling amount. This allows the property to yield higher return of investment once it is sold to its original price.


Banks also offer off-plan financing options that both protect the investor and the developer. Banks only agree to finance off-plan properties when their developers abide by their criteria, assuring the investor that the handover of the property will not be delayed.


If you are an investor seeking for off-plan properties for sale in Dubai, there are a list of factors that you take into consideration aside from the price: the location, the reputation of the developer, the size and arrangements, the access to amenities and so much more. No matter how attractive the price is, every investor has his non-negotiables before making property purchase. is a one-stop real estate portal that can every investor’s best friend. We provide all the necessary information you need if you are searching for the latest off-plan properties for sale in Dubai. We also connect you directly to the developers themselves, avoiding unnecessary charges from in-between agents or middlemen.


Browse now through and see our comprehensive list of off-plan properties for sale in Dubai. Your next quality investment is right at your fingertips!