Now own your own personal island in Dubai for DH 80 million

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Now own your own personal island in Dubai for DH 80 million

UAE is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly developed countries in the world. Changing its face over just a decade and transforming into this global tourism destination, UAE has definitely come a long way with its infrastructural as well as aesthetic development.

However, Dubai is the visibility face for UAE. Most people across the globe recognize UAE in relation to Dubai given the profound tourism value it holds. Dubai comprises of a number of iconic structures and one of those invariably would be the ‘The World Islands‘- a cluster of several different islands that appear in the shape of world map from a panoramic view to the naked eye. Not just that, these world islands are even named after different countries of the world and follow their cultural patterns and aesthetic infrastructures.

Dubai might be the only metropolitan globally that is now selling islands to people too! The only condition? A Big Fat Wallet!

Recently, a famous real-estate giant ‘Allsop & Allsop’ listed one out of these islands i.e. The Lebanon Island for sale on their web forum. Spread across an area of 419,000 sq feet, the island boasts an 80-seater restaurant, an events area, VIP Cabanas, two beaches, several small villas and swimming pool that can accommodate around 250 people at one time. On top of all that, it also entails majestic views of the Dubai skyline. You can also park your yacht (purchased separately) on the jetty, which doubles as the entrance to the island home.

Thus, Allsop & Allsop is definitely in hopes of hearing from a luxury zealot soon and based on facts, there isn’t a lack of the same in a place like UAE where luxury, glitz, and glam is definitely the ultimate ‘it’ thing.

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