Now, Family Visa Holders Can Receive UAE Work Permit

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Now, Family Visa Holders Can Receive UAE Work Permit

A new law relating to those who hold family visa has been announced. According to the new rule, those men being supported by their families will be able to get the work permit of the UAE soon. This rule will be implemented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE).

According to a statement of the MoHRE, the ministry has started the issuance of work permit. The work permit is for employers who want to hire those male workers under the sponsorship of their families.

It is interesting to know that in the past this work permit was only for women. These women were those being under the sponsorship of their families. However, the men with the sponsorship of their families were not eligible for this kind of visa. Also, it should be said that many women working in the UAE are under visas of their fathers or husbands.

Saif Ahmed Al Suwaidi, the ministry’s Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs, has said that the goal of this visa is to provide stability for families. In fact, this rule will help them enhance their source of monthly income.

Now, Family Visa Holders Can Receive UAE Work Permit

Granting work permits benefits firms as well. In other words, the visa for those male and female workers sponsored by their families can meet the demand for the workforce. Therefore, employers do not have to recruit workers or employees from outside the UAE, and this can decrease the costs related to recruiting foreigners.

A cabinet resolution reduced the fees for two groups in July 2019.

Based on this resolution, the cost for a two-year work permit issued for skilled or limited skilled employees is Dh300. This rule includes categories of all firms which are under the classification of the ministry.

In the past, the fee relating to this kind of work permit was between Dh300 and Dh5,000. It is interesting to note that the cost was based on the category of the firm as well as the level of skill of the worker. In early July, the MoHRE had decreased these fees by 50 to more than 90 per cent for 145 services and transactions.

Now, Family Visa Holders Can Receive UAE Work Permit


According to what has been discussed above and in the previous articles, the UAE government is changing some rules. For instance, the UAE has recently issued some kinds of visas for different people. These visas include long-term residency (5 or 10-year visas), student visa and etc.

As brought in previous articles, some individuals are eligible to apply for these visas. These people include investors, outstanding students, real estate investors and skilled workers. This time, the UAE has changed the rule for male workers being under the support of their families. The UAE government has done all of these with the goal of making more progress in the future.

*some of the information above was based on Khaleej Times website.

*Written by: Maral Aryanpour

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