Mental Health Issues to be covered by Insurance in Dubai

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Dubai HealthCare Corporation taking strides towards actively catering eminent mental health issues.

Mental Health is a taboo that is so widely known and acknowledged to be a taboo but still not catered in the way it should be catered. Not just the developing countries but even highly progressive societies have also not adjusted to the very existence of mental health as a thing entirely till date. This palpable health condition is often attributed to as self-created dilemma or self-sabotaging behavior.

However, people are not keeping mum about it anymore and this very issue is being addressed at a global level now. Thus, in lieu of these recent advancements towards this taboo globally, UAE authorities have also stepped forward to take profound and active strides into addressing Mental Health effectively. This is certainly a positive and good step as a government body for UAE’s residents and expatriates alike. The inclusion of Mandatory Mental Health Illness Treatment within people’s Health Insurance Packages will not only facilitate them monetarily and save them from hefty expenses associated to such treatments but will also strengthen them and keep their privacy intact. The awkwardness associated with openly communicating about your mental health is a major factor why some people shy away from the treatment making this condition even worse.

Dubai HealthCare Corporation taking strides towards actively catering eminent mental health issues.

Thus, the newly established Dubai HealthCare Corporation has stepped ahead and taken this initiative for the sake of the well-being of its residents. Speaking about this initiative, the CEO of Dubai Health Care Corporation Dr. Younis Al Kazim stated: “Many a time patients especially that of stroke require more than a few weeks of rehabilitative care. We are working to include longer period of rehabilitation sessions in the health insurance package. Mental health is going to be part of the public health strategy. We cannot ignore it as it is important in providing stability to an individual at home and at the workplace. Many a time, patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) who may have suffered a cardiac episode or a polytrauma case, get affected psychologically living in the fear of losing life.”

It is a commonly known fact that a healthy mind yields a healthy body. So, special importance should be given to this mental well-being which UAE authorities are doing the right way. Thus, we, at, believe that such a progressive and considerate step will definitely empower the residents and expatriates and will further ascertain their trust into UAE as a country to reside in and see their futures in.

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