Largest gaming festival for girls comes to Dubai

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The largest gaming festival in the world for girls is coming to Dubai this year. Over 20 million people will be watching the live stream globally.

The world finals of the ‘GirlGamer Esports Festival’ will come to Dubai with prizes of more than $100,000. Besides, the festival includes 45 players from 9 teams.

The festival will be in held from December 12th to December 14th at a special upcoming gaming venue in Meydan One. This place will be the region’s largest gaming arena.

Two different games of CounterStrike Go and League of Legends will be completed by women.

According to Fernando Pereira, global organiser of the GirlGamer Esports Festival, the festival will bring enormous benefits. For instance, it will improve the e-gaming industry in the region. Also, it will benefit tourism industry. Above all, it will lead to gender balance in gaming.

It is interesting to note that in the UAE, several esport organizations have been combined in recent years. In fact, there has never been a local platform for gamers to pursue e-games as a full-time profession. So, some of them had to move to other countries.

Growing industry

However, the industry has made rapid progress.  Galaxy Racer Esports is a partner of this big event. It is also an organization providing that platform to local talent. Thus, they will be able to pursue the career in their country.

Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer, has said their firm will build the largest gaming facility of the region in Meydan One.

He has also said that his firm has several elements, including event organizations like GirlGamer Festival and creating local team with the goal of playing internationally.

However there has been a lot of movements in the region, most of the winners in the games have done it on their own.

Regionally, there are great game players but they have to go to Europe or other countries. In order to attract those game players back to the country, they should be provided with the facilities being in other parts of the world.

In the UAE, teenagers are competing in small tournaments with prizes of thousands of dirhams.

According to the recent reports, the UAE is known as the number one market in these kinds of games. Actually, it was ranked 1st among middle-eastern and North African countries.

The revenues of the gaming industry in the UAE are predicted to have reached Dh 1.2 billion in 2018.

Previous hosts of world finals of the GirlGamer Festival were Portugal and Macau with the prize pools of $30,000.

Participants of this year’s festival are competing in local tournaments and the winners will qualify for the final that will be held in Dubai.


>What: GirlGamer Esports Festival

>When: December 12-14

>Where: Meydan One, Dubai

*Most of the information above is based on the report of Khaleej Times website.

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