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Styling Your Home: Latest Trends by Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Interior design is an ever-evolving industry. It is always under constant innovation to keep up with prevailing trends and culture. Aside from addressing the social context of a specific project, many interior design companies in Dubai have developed new themes and elements that respond to the occupant’s needs and wants.

Exploring Dubai Interior Design

When buying property for sale in Dubai, most customers check if the home’s interiors match their personal style and/or type of lifestyle.

Pastel hues or bold prints? Traditional themes or textured finishes? Minimalist accents or large furniture? Every homeowner wants a house that reflects his or her individuality and personality. In this contemporary age, however, there are several Dubai interior design facets that have become a staple in every modern home in the emirate.

Here are some of the most commonly-used trends by interior design companies in Dubai today:

  1. Digital-controlled essentials

Everything is now simplified by the click of a button. With the incorporation of digital technology in every household, designers have found it easy to create customizable living spaces.

A one-bedroom apartment can be converted to a two-bedroom unit with digitally-controlled and convertible furniture pieces. Lightings, fittings and airflow can also be easily controlled electronically via universal touch screen panels.

  1. Eco-friendly materials

With the increased campaign against materials that damage the environment, modern interior design companies in Dubai have incorporated eco-friendly alternatives as part of their home designs.

“Green” and sustainable resources that have little to no impact on the environment are now widely being used in the industry. Customers also now choose eco-friendly homes as they want living spaces that contribute to their health and well-being.

  1. Maximized spaces

The trend of maximized spaces entails the use of multi-purpose furniture pieces or elements. For example, the space under the staircase can serve as bookshelves or storage areas.

Maximized spaces does not just apply to smaller living spaces, as some interior design companies in Dubai see the need to decorate blank spaces even in bigger homes. Multi-purpose pieces does not only maximize functionality but also create wider floor spaces for its occupants.

  1. Redefined home areas

Even the basic areas of the home like the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are now redefined based on the changing demands of homeowners.

Your kitchen is not just a cooking area but now considered a center of activity. Home-cooked meals are being encouraged among families, as they are a much healthier option than fast food. With this trend, interior designers in Dubai have created wider and open-plan spaces with professional fittings to promote more cooking in modern kitchens.

Bathrooms are also recreated as a space for privacy and regeneration. Relaxed themes, choice fragrances and nature-inspired accents and lightings have been incorporated to make the bathroom a more inviting place for relaxation.

The bedroom design is also innovated, with modern palettes playing from soft charcoal hues to neutral colors. Modern bedrooms seek to create the ambience of calmness and relaxed spaces to encourage sleep. Natural elements like wooden floorboards and aged stone walls are also being added to add to its warm and cozy feel.

  1. Indoor plants & greenery

Foliage and greenery add to your home’s luxurious feel. Elements of nature inside a home can soften a neutral wall or an empty space. Your kitchen space can come alive with herb plants that can be double as an accent and your natural source of ingredients.

With more people living in apartments in Dubai, having your own garden space is not always possible. Having indoor plants is a good alternative, as they can instantly bring a happy atmosphere to anyone who walks in your home.

Obey your style: Choose the best property for sale in Dubai

Listed above are just some of the common themes of home interiors in Dubai. You as a resident, still have the freedom to customize your home based on your preferences.

There is a wide selection of properties for sale in Dubai that offer different home designs. Find the home that suits your style now! Browse through our villas, townhouses and apartments complete with all your needed information on its features and amenities.

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