Interesting Facts You Should Know About New UAE Visas & Citizenship

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The UAE has recently introduced a unique kind of visa that will be issued for those who work for UAE companies remotely. The goal of the new visa is to attract talents from different parts of the world, and enables them to live and work in this country for 1 year. There is also a multiple-entry tourist visa that all nationalities can receive. Here is more info on UAE visas…

The Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates has made the decision with the aim of turning the country into an ideal place to live, work and travel.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About New UAE Visas & Citizenship

As you probably know, the government of the UAE is one of the best and most efficient governments in the world. The government has always flexible programs and laws to enhance the life quality for the citizens and residents.

Here is full info on these new visas:

Remote Work Visa

The remote work visa is a relatively new visa of the UAE that has been introduced. It is a great initiative to attract expertise from other parts of the world to the UAE. The visa allows remote workers to enter this country for a period of one year. They can sponsor themselves and freely work under the terms and conditions issued with their visa.

This step is considered first of its kind in the Middle East. In addition to other benefits, the new visa will boost the country’s competitiveness in comparison to other countries in the region. It will be also beneficial for tourism sector of the UAE. Entrepreneurs and business owners from all around the world also have the chance to bring their innovation to a safe and diverse place. This amazing country gives them access to its world-class services and amenities to grow and thrive.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About New UAE Visas & Citizenship

The employees that come to the UAE can enjoy the incredible work-life balance and make the business environment of the country better than in the past. In addition, this step of the UAE government makes the employees more productive and allows them to be more adaptive. They can also improve their different skills under this program.

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

Another visa is the new Multiple Entry Tourist Visa that tourists of different nationalities can receive. It is a 5-year visa. The holders of which are allowed to enter multiple times. In addition, they are allowed to stay for 90 days on a single visit to the UAE. The visa is extendable after this period.

The UAE Passport

Recently, the UAE announced that people with other nationalities can receive the UAE passport. The requirements for UAE’s passport are special talents, skills as well as investments. It is interesting to note that UAE started issuing UAE passport to Indians and foreigners. One of them is mr. Lal ganwani chairman Lal’s group!

Becoming A UAE Resident Requires:

Investors: Investors must apply through property ownership in the UAE

Medical doctors and skilled professionals: If you are a doctor or a professional with proven expertise in a certain field, you can become a UAE resident. In addition, contribution to research and studies can further pave the way for you towards becoming a UAE resident. Other requirements include 10 years of experience and being a member of a prestigious organization in your field.

Scientists: If you are a scientist or an active researcher, you have the chance to become a UAE resident. 10 years of experience as well as winning an award also are other ways to show you are eligible for UAE residency.

A recommendation letter from a related institute in the UAE is another requirement of becoming a resident of this Middle Eastern country. This is the path towards Emirati passport for scientists.

Talented people:

Inventors: If you are an inventor, you must show your patent or patents that are accepted by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Also, it must have a real value to the economy of the country. Besides, a recommendation letter is one of the things you need to become a resident.

Intellectuals and artists: If you are an artist with a special talent in any field, you are eligible for UAE residency. You must show at least one international award in the area you are working in. You are also required to have recommendation letter from a relevant institution in the UAE.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About New UAE Visas & Citizenship

The New Citizens have:

  • The right to set up a business and own companies in the UAE
  • The right to purchase and own property in the UAE

If you are also looking to receive new UAE visas, or UAE citizenship, now is time to action!

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