Indians buying more properties than Emiratis in Dubai!

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Everyone living in the UAE, specially Dubai, is well-aware of the fact that the real-estate industry in the Emirate is one of the most prosperous ones and buying and renting properties is guaranteed to yield you good long-term perks. Everyone wants to invest in some of state’s best properties to secure greater returns on their investments a few years from now.

A fact quite well-known, Dubai is not only home to its local population but also millions of expatriates belonging to all kinds of different countries residing within the region. These expatriates have also considered the city their home over the years and it is because of this emotional value that millions of dirhams are recorded to have been spent by expatriates on property purchases and investments. Turns out, everyone wants to own a home in some of the best vicinities of this dream city.

However, the situation takes a little turn as some of these investors and buyers are not exactly investing in their money to set up ‘homes’ for themselves, but rather, they buy properties to further rent them out and utilize them as continuous sources of earning each month. However, whatever may be the case, the real-estate industry in Dubai is still earning huge economic perks and yielding massive returns every year due to so many of these investors.

Dubai Properties in Sheikh Zayed Dubai

We have also coiled up a list of some of the hottest property investment areas where more and more people like to invest and live at. Some of such areas in Dubai are:

Business Bay
Dubai Marina
Al Merkadh
Al Barsha South Fourth
Al Warsan 1
Jebel Ali First
Al Hebiah Fourth
Al Thanayah 5
Burj Khalifa
Al Yelayiss 2

As we stated in the start of this article, Indians, out of all the nationalities and expatriates residing within the region have turned out to be master investors with a whopping DH 5.9 billion investment into real-estate just through the first six months of this year which is approximately 15 per cent of the Dh37 billion that nearly 16,000 foreigners invested in Dubai from January to June this year.

Way to go expats! This is certainly a smart way to benefit yourself as well as the economy of the country.

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