fe Hyperloop will connect the entire Gulf in the future, Abu Dhabi to Riyadh in 48 minutes

Hyperloop will connect the entire Gulf in the future, Abu Dhabi to Riyadh in 48 minutes

According to a senior official, Virgin Hyperloop One is a futuristic transportation system that will be run in the UAE and India by 2027-2028. Also, the company is looking to connect the entire Gulf as well as areas within Dubai. The most surprising point about Hyperloop is that it reduces the travel time to a significant level.

Dubai Hyperloop

Harj Dhaliwal, managing director for Middle East and India at Virgin Hyperloop One, has said that the company has the vision to connect Gulf countries. Hyperloop will enable travelling in the shortest time possible. For instance, Virgin Hyperloop One can take you from Abu Dhabi to Riyadh in only 48 minutes or from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in just 11 minutes. Besides, this technology can turn the region into an effective zone economically.

First look at Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop

The company is now cooperating with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai and Mubadala. In fact, it is looking to developing the UAE project. Virgin Hyperloop One has recently signed an agreement with King Abdullah Economic City Authority of Saudi Arabia. This has happened a month ago. Moreover, the company is exploring opportunities of innovation and manufacturing.

The company has said that there are some approvals and certification process for ensuring the safety of the new technology. To be more precise, the company hopes all of these will be done in 2025. Besides, according to Virgin Hyperloop One, the new technology will be a fully commercial running service in the UAE and GCC countries by 2027 to 2028. The company also hopes that the system can make Dubai incredibly accessible for the residents of Dubai and also those who travel to this amazing city. In addition, this fantastic system can connect Al Maktoum airport to Dubai International airport. Also, there is opportunity to connect Dubai International to Dubai South after Expo 2020.

The company has cited that the manufacturing of hyperloop will be possible in the UAE and KSA. The Airbus A380 is an example. Moreover, the company has pointed out that India project is at an advanced stage. The construction of the phase 1 of this system will be towards the third-quarter next year. The phase 1 will be operated between Mumbai and Pune being expected to be done by 2024. It should be said that the construction for the entire project will be finished by 2028 for commercial launch. However, the company has stressed that the GCC project will be finished prior to Indian launch. This is because the project will be approved in GCC in a much faster way. Although the company has started the India project sooner, it is taking more time to start in India. In fact, the process of approval in GCC is much easier and the track record is incredible.

*The information above is based on the recent report of Khaleej Times Website.

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