How Flights Will Change Post-Coronavirus?

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Empty Flight Seats From Social Distancing

How Flights Will Change Post-Coronavirus?

As you know, many flights were cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus in the world. More interestingly, Covid-19 may remain as an integral part of our lives. So, it is important that we can cope with the virus. Keeping social distancing is one of those things to do. This fact will forever change the way we fly. Here is how flights will change post-coronavirus.

A seismic shift is underway as all the airlines are trying to deal with the virus. Mask-wearing, social distancing as well as empty airports already show a behavioral change among the few travelers and staff left. This shows that our way of traveling will never be the same again.

When people will start traveling?

There’s no knowing when people will start packing into enclosed cabin spaces again. According to an International Air Transport Association survey, 40 percent of recent travelers predicted waiting at least six months after the virus is contained. On the other hand, people need to travel to other countries for business and also other purposes. If the virus is going to stay for long, we have to change our rules to start normal life again. So, there’s a possibility of starting flights even if the virus exists.

Will Flights Be More Expensive

Flights will be more expensive?

Configurations are likely to change as airlines try to squeeze more money from customers. This is because some airlines may have to upgrade premium cabins leading to more difference between higher-class sections and economy seating. On the other side, cheap flights can be found for now. This is because airlines are in competition for a handful of passengers.

According to EasyJet, based in Luton, England, there are various scenarios for how soon demand returns, at what levels, and what prices people will pay. It is also questionable how much to charge to make a profit on a given flight. In fact, the answer is vague right now.

What about passengers test?

A concern is that customers might have to follow health-related entry rules that may differ from country to country. Some tests including temperature checks, or having health certificates will become a part of flights. That requires much time resulting in complicated flying schedules.

Before Boarding Passenger Goes Through Temperature Checking

What are airlines doing to start flights?

The spread of coronavirus in the world created a time of uncertainty for airlines. This is because many passengers were afraid of developing corona in the space of airplane. But the good news is no passenger to passenger transmission of coronavirus has been reported.

However, many airlines are doing their best to assure the safety of the cabin. For example, some airlines have removed middle seats to keep social distancing between the customers. Also, limiting movements in the cabin is a rule to avoid becoming sick while Korean airlines have goggles, masks, gloves and protective gowns available to use.

Emirates Airlines Flight Attendants To Wear Protective Suits For The Safety Of Passengers

So, higher fares, pre-flight health checks, fewer routes, and less free food: we should expect a new era of air travel after coronavirus pandemic.

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