Free UAE Visa For Special Travelers This Summer

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As it was put forward in previous articles, UAE is one of the most popular destinations not only in the middle-east but also in the world to be visited. Following this, the UAE authorities are looking forward to increasing the number of visitors of this country in the coming years. In order for this target to be attained, some measures have been taken. One of these steps that has recently announced by the UAE’s government has been about the free visit visa for children aged 18 or below.

Free UAE visa for special travelers this summer

The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship of the UAE has recently said that those tourists who travel to the UAE this summer do not have to pay extra fees for dependents who are 18 or below.

The date announced for this rule to be applicable is between July 15 and September 15 each year, and the goal of it is to boost the number of tourists visiting the UAE.

This year will be the first year of this rule being implemented. However, the exemption was announced last year by the Cabinet of the UAE.

The cost for a 14-day visit visa costs Dh497 per person and 30-day multi-entry one costs Dh917 if the traveler apply online.

Albert Dias-Cofounder and CTO of is of the opinion that the move would have a positive effect on traveling to the UAE. However, he expects it to have a limited influence on inbound travel from some countries such as India due to the fact that families prefer to travel during summer holiday sessions, between April and June.

It also should be said that the number of people traveling through the airports of the UAE has shown an upsurge, and has reached 32.8 million during the first quarter of 2019.

Free UAE visa for special travelers this summer

Residents expect more visits from their beloved ones

Residents of the UAE have showed a sense of satisfaction for a visa waiver for children below 18 years old visiting the UAE. They have said that it will be a blessing for the members of their families to spend a summer holiday in the Emirates.

UAE resident Ananya Madhavan also has said that she is so happy to see her sister and family who plan to visit the UAE in August.

1-year residency extension for those who have graduated

It is also interesting to note that parents of those students who have finished the university or secondary school in the UAE may apply for 1-year residency extension their children aged 18 or above.

To apply to 1-year residency extension, parents need to submit some supporting documents including the certification for graduation or secondary education.

What has been discussed is absolutely good news for tourists especially for budget travelers because of the fact that during summer months, the prices for hotels and entertainment facilities increase meaning more business for the country.

*most of the information above is based on recent Khaleejtimes website.

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