Free SIM Card in Dubai for Any Tourist

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All people traveling to Dubai will now receive a free mobile SIM card due to a project called collaborative ‘happiness’ launched by Du Telecommunications.

Major General Mohammed Al Marri has said that all tourists above 18-years-old will receive the free ‘tourist sim’ at the Immigration counter either for the entire month or the time of staying in Dubai. To receive the free SIM Card travelers need to show their travel documents such as passport and a valid visa.

Free SIM Card in Dubai for any tourist

According to a project called “Connect with Happiness” travelers with transit visa, visit visa or visa on arrival are allowed to take advantage of Tourist SIM cards as soon as arriving at Dubai airports. The SIM card includes the tourist three-minute time for talk and also 20 MB internet for free.

Fahad Al Hassawi, Deputy CEO – Telco Services, du, also has put forward that the system works closely with the immigration system. The point here is that the SIM Card will be disabled as soon as the tourist leaves the country Or the SIM is valid for 30 days. The tourist can also choose the type of SIM Card for three types of small, medium and large.

Authorities are of the opinion that this project will increase the happiness of those visiting Dubai. The SIM is offered to visitors exiting terminals 1, 2 and 3 of Dubai Airports.

Hawasi also has said that in case the visitor changes his status to a resident of Dubai, he will not be allowed to turn the number into a permanent one.

Free SIM Card in Dubai for any tourist

He also added that according to the rules set by the telecommunication regulation authorities in Dubai, the SIM card will be disabled in 30 days or when the visitor leaves the country. Currently, converting the temporary SIM Card to a permanent one is not possible.

Al Marri also said that the goal of this project is to contribute to achieving Dubai Happiness Agenda, which is being implemented by the Smart Dubai Office. In other words, this project is aimed to provide a safe and happy stay for any tourist visiting this country.

Al Marri has pointed out that the number of visitors visiting Dubai is on the rise. In addition, this step is under the observation of the UAE leaders and with the city’s vision for the project called Happiness Agenda to make this middle-eastern city the happiest city in the globe. He also has said that they are so pleased to provide the visitors with the best services on arrival.

Free SIM Card in Dubai for any tourist

Dr. Aisha Bint Butti, the director general of the Smart Dubai Office has said to Khaleej times that People’s happiness in Dubai is the most important factor that her team are working for.

*To activate the free SIM Card, all visitors should:

  1. insert the SIM card,
  2. dial *122#
  3. follow the instructions in order to get connected

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