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What is Property Swap?

Property Swap is’s newest service feature that will provide people from all over the world with a chance to swap their properties with some magnificent and lavish properties in Dubai.

Property Swap is the newest and possibly the most revolutionary notion brought about by the real-estate industry across the globe. It allows a person sitting in one corner of the world to switch and exchange i.e. swap his property with some other person who wants this exchange of his property here in Dubai.

This certainly is like a dream come true being able to own a property or your dream home in a different city and country just a swap away. At, we assure you that we will put out heart into finding the best match for you by acting as a bridge between all the swappers in Dubai and internationally to help these swappers secure the best properties in turn.

How it Works?

At, we will give an opportunity to people to fulfill their dreams. Investment in a fruitful property after a lifelong of hard-work is certainly unmatched and it should not be limited to one certain geographical location. And after all, which place better than Dubai to do so?  Owning a property in a metropolis like Dubai is a dream for many. Now just exchange your property back in your city/country with a lavish and luxury property in Dubai. However, the good news is it’s not just cross-border.

Therefore, property swap at works in the following two ways:

  • International Property Swap

International Property Swap works in a way where people from all across the globe can now swap their properties from their countries with property owners in Dubai. Thus, now you don’t have to confine yourself to one city or one country, spread your wings and start your journey towards your dream property with

  • Domestic Property Swap:

Domestic Property Swap provides people owning properties in Dubai itself to swap their properties with other properties suiting better to their needs. Thus, one doesn’t have to worry now even if they made a hasty choice and invested in a property that doesn’t completely fit into their lives as their ideal property. They can now swap it with a someone desiring their property but owning something that they will love.

Register your Interest!

Property Swap is a very convenient procedure and has made it all the more easier with its 2 step-form filling feature. Just enter your details in the given form describing the current off-plan property you own, enter your details on the property you want to own in Dubai and choose from the given options along with a description of your desired property and we shall get back to you in no time.

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