Expo 2020 will change Dubai, but how?

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Expo 2020 is supposed to be the “world’s greatest show”. Residents of the UAE have been curious about this mega event. However, in their opinion, the “exciting changes” are the most obvious things that will happen.

According to the tweet of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Expo 2020 will bring the world together. Also, this is supposed to lead the world towards a better future. Besides, this is going to be the best Expo of the world ever.

As well as these, he has said that the Expo will be an unparalleled opportunity for the UAE residents. This is because they will get the chance to be part of a global event which is bigger than themselves.

It is just 14 months left to the mega event. Expo 2020 will create the Dubai of future.

According to Sarah Bacon, founder of weshareproperty, Expo 2020 will bring enormous benefits for the UAE. For instance, it will result in a boost to hotels, restaurants and retail of Dubai during this mega event that is excellent. However, there will be more to such a successful mega event.

The Expo will shape the Dubai of the future. For example, Dubai will turn into a unique place that biking to work is a norm.

She also has said that the Expo will benefit the companies as well. These benefits will be in terms of access to grants, funding and customers.

‘Push for change’

Apart from the economic benefits, Dubai’s Expo will affect Dubai’s identity. It will improve the country’s profile as a global icon.

Abdulla Kunhi, owner of design firm AKDesigno, has said that any country around the world is looking to change. However, Dubai is among the few places where this belief has turned into action.

In addition, it is worth noting that the UAE residents believe Dubai has been working hard to achieve its development goals. In their opinion, since five years ago, there has been major transformations in Dubai. These changes have converted Dubai into the most unique and desirable place in the world. However, we should expect exciting changes in Dubai that will be brought by the Expo 2020.

Dubai Expo on October 2020 Mega Event of the year Making Dubai The City Of The Future

Rajesh Jain, CEO of JG group, one of the recent receivers of 10-year visa, has said the UAE residents are very tech-savvy. Also, he thinks they are willing to adopt the newest innovations in any sectors. However, the real estate sector is one of the most important ones in shaping Dubai of future.

In the past, the residents of the UAE have witnessed how the change of Dubai. These changes were because of DWTC, Emirate Towers and Burj Khalifa that changed the cityscape. This time, it is set to be the site of Dubai’s Expo 2020.

Every Dubai resident is excited about the way Expo 2020 will change current Dubai and shape the Dubai of future. It will absolutely be a surprising change.

*Most of the information above was based on the recent report of Khaleej Times website.


*Written by: Maral Aryanpour

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