Dxboffplan.com offers cash back or free gift for every property purchase  

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Dxboffplan.com, a renowned property portal in Dubai, is offering cash back or free gift for every property purchase made through its website.

The portal which brands itself as a one-stop off plan property portal in Dubai, is providing different freebies exclusive to its buyers. Here are the details on the cash back or free gift promos that you can avail when you buy any property from Dxboffplan.com.

Cash Back Offer

Want to get extra money after purchasing property? Dxboffplan.com offers 0.5% to 1% cash back for every property purchase done through the portal.

Cash back can availed upon clicking the cash back offer button on your chosen project. You will then receive a coupon via email which needs to be validated through the instructions mentioned in the same message. After validation, the buyer can now proceed with purchasing the property.

Note: You cannot claim the cash back offer unless you have validated your coupon.

Free Gifts

Want a new iPhoneX or Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Get any of these premium phones for free when you buy a property through Dxboffplan.com! Availing the offer requires a similar procedure to that of the cash back offer, only now you can get a specific item of your choice.

Interested to get gold for personal investment? You can also get it by purchasing property from Dxboffplan.com!

Note: The gifts (smart phones, gold, etc.) can only be availed when you validate your coupon before making the property purchase.

Avail the offer now at Dxboffplan.com!

Grab this amazing your cash back or free gift now while it lasts! Browse through our updated list of properties complete with relevant information such as payment plan, floor plan, prices, sizes and arrangements, location, photos and other important details.

Click the cash back offer button in a project you have chosen and follow the instructions to avail the promo. Avail this great deal now!

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