Dubai Is One Of The Best Places For Disabled People

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If you are searching for buying a property in one of Dubai’s developments, you have to know that when Dubai decided to host the Expo 2020, it turned into the best city for those with special needs. The Dubai authorities provided disabled people with many services and facilities to be self-dependent, serve their communities and fulfill their potential. If you want to know more about this topic, continue reading.

How disabled-friendly is Dubai?

The manager of the Angelz platform, Shobhika Kalra, stated that her team’s goal is to increase awareness about disabled people and their requirements. She believes that Dubai has gradual progress to provide for disabled people’s needs, like the accessibility of wheelchairs.

As Kalra mentioned Dubai tries hard to become as a disabled-friendly city as possible. For instance, they provide some special taxis for people who use a wheelchair or tactile indicators for the visually impaired people at the metro station. Most importantly they want to change people’s attitudes toward this subject. Also, according to Kalra, Dubai has done a lot of work to make people with special needs feel included by providing them with different job opportunities based on their talent.

Gulshan Kavarana, the founder of Special Families Support (SFS) has a 22-year-old daughter with a rare syndrome named Dravet Syndrome. Previously he believed that the USA is very disabled-friendly, but now he mentioned that Dubai is much better than the USA, and he feels lucky to be in the UAE due to the benefits for disabled people. For instance, in Dubai, disabled people have comfortable free access to beaches, parks, and any other activities they need.

Dubai will be the best city in the world for disabled people by the time it hosts Expo 2020.

Dubai plans to empower people with special needs

As you previously understood, Dubai is a disabled-friendly city that tries to make disabled people’s living situations easier. Here, you can read about two of these important plans in the way of empowering people with special needs.

●    First Accessible Tourism International Summit

During Expo 2020, Dubai will be hosting the first Accessible Tourism International Summit. It will run from November 5 to 6 to make all cities friendly for tourists with special needs.

●     Region’s first PoD advisory panel

Another step was launching the first PoD Advisory Panel by Majid Al Futtaim Group. The panel tries to help disabled people through digital services, staff training, and the involvement of disabled people in its workforce.

Dubai will be the best city in the world for disabled people by the time it hosts Expo 2020.



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