Dubai one of the most attractive tourist destinations

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As you probably know, Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Actually, tourism plays an important role in Dubai’s diversified economic growth. This year, this beautiful middle-eastern city has welcomed 8.36 million international visitors.


Dubai plans to attract more international visitors in the future. What we should expect Dubai is to be the number one most visited and most preferred city in the coming future.

Dubai government has successful strategies to attract international visitors to this sought after city. For instance, over 501,000 Chinese visited Dubai from January to June 2019. This showed a 11 percent growth in Dubai’s tourism.

After China, most of Dubai visitors were from Oman. In fact, there has been 499,000 visitors from this middle-eastern country. This figure made Oman among top five with a massive growth of 28 percent.

Also, the number of travelers from Russia increased in the H1 of 2019. Russia travelers were sixth largest source market with 375,000 visitors to Dubai.

Woman Tourist Visiting the Attractive Dubai Marina

The seventh spot belongs to United States with 329,000 visitors in the H1 of 2019. This figure was mainly due to concerted marketing efforts and trade collaborations. In other words, Dubai developed five new partnerships with the USA. The goal was to raise awareness of Dubai and promote holiday packages and deals.

Besides, the number of travelers from Germany and Pakistan showed growth of 5 and 3 percent respectively. This brought Germany and Pakistan at 8th and 9th positions. However, the fastest growing source for Dubai was Philippines with 29 percent increase in the number of visitors.

Dubai Skyline as one of the most attractive views and destination

In terms of overnight visitors, Dubai is the leader in the region. Western European visitors had a strong contribution to this subject. To be more precise, 21 percent of visitors were from Western Europe. As well as the UK and Germany, 10 percent of visitors were from France and 5 percent were from Italy. Also, Netherlands added to the volume of international visitors.

12 percent of the international visitors were from North Asia and South-East Asia.

Therefore, Dubai has been recently one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It has been highly successful to attract tourists from all around the world. This success has several reasons.


One of these reasons is that Dubai is a unique middle-eastern city. In other words, people can experience some activities in Dubai that cannot be found in other places. For instance, Dubai’s climate is one of the most special ones in the world. There are only two types of weather in the UAE; warm and warmer. This makes Dubai a city that tourists can enjoy pristine beaches at any time in the year.

Moreover, Dubai is a modern city where you can travel to the future. As well as that, Dubai is the city of skyscrapers with unique and extraordinary appearances. So, this is a place where you can experience unique activities and have fun in.

Dubai Desert Skyline as a tourist destination

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