Dubai on the way to become world’s cleanest city by 2050

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Dubai is making active strides towards becoming the world's cleanest city in the next 20 years.

If we go back in time, say, 50 years back from today and reminisce what Dubai today has become, we will all be overwhelmed by the magnitude of transformation this city has gone through. Turning into an out and out metropolis from literally a barren desert does not happen overnight. This kind of success and achievement is a continuous yet gradual process of untiring hard work, effort, and consistency. And so, Dubai has been able to achieve it all and more.

Having said that, rising into a metropolitan comes with a lot of goods and bads on its own. The goods are definitely higher in percentage. However, the bad of it is still unavoidable and that is environmental pollution through vigorous construction, renovation and vehicles. Such hazards have time and again affected the environmental well-being of this city and so it was high time that the authorities took decisions and made profound endeavors on the matter at hand. Thus, in lieu of it all, at the World Green Economy Summit held on Wednesday, some major industry experts in the region predicted with certainty that the Emirates will achieve its ambitious goals to reduce carbon footprint and achieving 75 percent renewable energy target by 2050.

Former Secretary General of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Christina Figueres commented: “Dubai is already contributing remarkably towards that effort of reducing carbon emission and development of green economy. I am quite confident that Dubai will achieve its target of 75 percent renewable energy.”  A lot of prominent figures from Dubai’s economic and industrial scenario attended this Summit like Former French president François Hollande, Cabinet Member and Minister of Climate Change and Environment of UAE Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi and Dewa chief executive and managing director Saeed Mohammad Ahmad Al Tayer addressed the conference.

Dubai is making active strides towards becoming the world's cleanest city in the next 20 years.

In addition to them, the Senior Director for Sustainability, Operational & Business Excellence at ENOC, Dr Waddah Ghanem Al Hashmi, was recorded stating: “Dubai and UAE are very good at producing new concepts. It is all about implementation and this is why Dubai can be a driving force for green economy. Challenge for us is a much bigger as we have to reinvent ourselves as industry keeping. The biggest challenge oil and gas industry faces is that it is not as attractive as it used to be among the youth. It is an industry considered to be dying and not clean. Young people don’t finding oil and gas interesting.”

Thus, this shows that Dubai is all set to be on the front ground with its efforts and endeavors. We, at, hope and believe that such considerate steps will further fuel major investments within the region.

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