Dubai Metro gets an addition of 50 new carriages

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Dubai Metro train carriages to be extended to provide even faster commotion.

Being one of the fastest, most well-designed and vast metro stations of the world, The Dubai Metro is definitely an attraction unmatched. With hundreds and thousands of expatriates moving to the city every year in search of their bread and butter, the metro system provides as a very swift and reliable means of transport for such newbies.

However, in lieu of the ongoing circumstances, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) decided that it’s high time more carriages are affixed. From students going off to the schools to adults travelling off to their daily jobs to job seekers travelling across the city in quest of interviews, the metros at all times are full to the brim. However, it is during the peak hours that these carriages are crammed with passengers much more than they can capacitate. Thus, arises the need of adding more carriages to the trains.

After trying and testing the additional 50 carriages on a 500 meter track in Poland against varying speeds and technical checks in the presence of Roads and Transport Authority’s Director General, these carriages were happily approved. All the carriages have been soundly designed and programmed to rule out any risks involving the safety systems, electric propulsion, emergency stop checks as well as braking systems.

Dubai Metro train carriages to be extended to provide even faster commotion.

Thus, after conducting all these checks, it has been decided that RTA will bring these carriages to Dubai in November this year however, the trains will operate with effect from October 2019. These additions to the metro fleet will total the number of Dubai Metro to a whopping 700 trains. Such a move is expected to open new gates for Dubai in terms of enhancing its economy and potential withstanding in the much awaited Expo 2020.

We, at, are delighted to hear of such advancements being done by the authorities in UAE as they will further enhance the lifestyle and living standards in the country and will attract and accommodate a higher flow of people choosing to reside within the region.

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