Dubai, The World’s Most Cosmopolitan City

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If you want to buy a property in one of the Dubai developments, you have to know that this city is among the biggest multi-cultured metropolia in the world. In our idea, Dubai is a Middle Eastern city full of expatriates coming to find a better future and opportunities, as they could find different residential, career, leisure, and luxury opportunities and platforms in Dubai. If you want to know more about this cosmopolitan city, continue reading.

Why is Dubai the world’s most cosmopolitan city?

While we knew that UAE expatriates are everywhere in malls, commercial workplaces, residential colonies, schools, and universities, it was not published that Dubai is the world’s most cosmopolitan city until recently. There was a recent survey by McKinsey & Company about how many foreign-born’s were occupying different metropolises across the globe. Based on the results, Dubai holds 83% of such foreign-born residents who speak more than 140 different languages. This whooping number indicates that the local population of Dubai is only roughly 17% of the whole population. If I break it down to 3.1 million total people who live in the UAE, 2.6 million are expatriates.

Based on the results and statistics, McKinsey & Company stated that “Dubai is currently the world’s most cosmopolitan city, with the foreign-born residents making up 83 percent of its population. Its residents come from more than 200 countries and speak more than 140 different languages. Following Dubai is Brussels, with a population that is 62 percent foreign-born; its inhabitants hail from approximately 140 countries and speak 86 different languages.”

With 83% foreign population from 200 different countries, Dubai emerges as the biggest cosmopolitan globally.

Here is a list of some major global cities with the percentage of the foreign residents:

City % foreign-born
Dubai 83
Brussels 62
Toronto 46
Auckland 39
Los Angeles 39
Sydney 39
Singapore 38
London 37
New York 37
Melbourne 35
Amsterdam 28
Frankfurt 27
Paris 25

Source: McKinsey & Company


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