Dubai makes the world surprised with stunning changes

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Dubai makes the world surprised with stunning changes

According to a list that was revealed by the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, Dubai has been known as one of the top five cities in the world with stunning transformations.

In the 1960s, Dubai was only a small fishing town with a population of around 50,000 people. However, today, Dubai has turned into one of the most livable cities that is home to nearly three million people. These people come from different corners of the world with different backgrounds. This is what makes this amazing city incredibly diverse.

As well as this, Dubai has some record-breaking structures such as the world’s longest driverless metro system and the world’s tallest tower at its heart. However, it should be said that these are not the only things this incredible city has to offer.

It is interesting to note that among transformative cities in the world, Shenzhen tops the list. It is the first special economic zone of China for investment and trade. Besides, since the 1970s, this city has seen a 1,200,000 per cent increase in in gross domestic product. In this list, Dubai comes after Shenzhen meaning that it is second among transformative cities globally.

Medellin comes behind Shenzhen and Dubai. To be more precise, Medellin is a city in Colombia. What comes as a huge surprise is that this city has experienced a turn-around from a dirty drug war that was known as the most innovative city in the world in 2013. The fourth place belongs to Melbourne that is followed by Mumbai.

Dubai makes the world surprised with stunning changes

Other changes

What has been discussed earlier is not the whole story. Another surprising thing about Dubai is that it has transformed into one of the most progressive cosmopolitan areas from only a desert in 1981. In the world, after Hong Kong and New York, Dubai ranks third in terms of featuring buildings with height of over 150 meter.

As well as this, the Emirate is famous as a city with the greatest number of buildings with height of more than 300 meter. To be more precise, Dubai has a total of 18 buildings with these features that 10 of them are under construction. It is interesting to note that the Dubai’s skyline is taller than that of Chicago, Manhattan and Hong Kong.

Not just that, Dubai is now a global hub aiming to become a smart city by 2021. With smart government services, autonomous transportation, 5G communications and hundreds of other incredible things, Dubai is right on track.


According to the above, Dubai has made stunning changes in different areas. There is no doubt that Dubai will turn into one of the most unique places in the world in the near future.

Dubai makes the world surprised with stunning changes

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