Dubai Launches a Global Entrepreneur Program for Overseas Professionals

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The Emirate of Dubai announced the launch of a “virtual work program” that provides the opportunity for foreign professionals who work remotely to reside in the emirate while continuing to carry out their work tasks with the companies they belong to are based outside the country.

The program extends for a whole year and is renewable. It allows the joiners the opportunity to live in Dubai and obtain all services while ensuring the continuity of their remote work with their affiliates.

Dubai Launches a Global Entrepreneur Program for Overseas Professionals

This step comes in the success of the United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai in dealing with high efficiency with the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic, which enabled Dubai to reopen its airports and receive tourists, starting from the seventh of last July, according to preventive measures and health protocols, which are recommended globally to ensure the safety of everyone, and it has also resumed the activities of various vital sectors throughout the city, including hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, water parks and theme parks, beaches, and shopping malls, as well as schools and universities, with maintaining the exact application of the preventive protocols recommended by the concerned authorities.

The program, which has a duration of up to a full year and is renewable, provides remote workers as well as their families the opportunity to reside annually in one of the most distinguished global destinations in the fields of tourism and business, which has an advanced, high-efficiency and reliable digital infrastructure that facilitates their interaction.

Dubai had obtained the Safe Travel Seal from the World Travel and Tourism Council, based on the strict procedures, safety, and public health protocols followed by the city. At the same time, Dubai also launched the “Dubai Guarantee” stamp initiative, which was granted to establishments that have demonstrated full compliance with health and safety guidelines.

Helal Saeed Al Marri, Director General of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, “Dubai Tourism” said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world and changed the way we live and work, which is what has prompted major international companies as well as emerging ones across the globe to adopt digital solutions in Its operations, and reviewing the importance of the physical presence of employees at its headquarters to accomplish their work and responsibilities.

He added, “Public health and safety remain at the forefront of everyone’s priorities while ensuring a significant and positive balance between social and work life. Therefore, Dubai is the ideal destination that has a unique location, advanced infrastructure, and technology that provides unique opportunities for people who can work remotely beside their families within a safe environment while enjoying a modern lifestyle that enables them to conduct their business, whether for a few months or throughout the next year.

Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of Dubai Economy, said: “The virtual work program greatly contributes to strengthening Dubai’s position as a global business center, and it also reflects the future outlook to ensure that the city maintains its high competitive advantages within the global scene that is witnessing a rapid change. Dubai is ranked second in the list of the best cities in the world for remote work, issued recently by the American magazine “CEO World,” which included 60 cities around the world, thanks to the emirate’s advanced infrastructure, its connection to various destinations of the world, and its support system for business, the virtual business platform supports the acceleration of successful business practice and the creation of new areas for cooperation.”

Hamad Buamim, Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, confirmed that the launch of the “virtual work program” comes to strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading global destination for attracting competencies, skilled people, and investors, especially with the changes taking place in the business environment, and the importance of changing and developing business practice models, considering that Dubai proves that it has a clear vision for the future business industry, facilitating business practice and enhancing its competitiveness, especially for groups working remotely, as this virtual program provides the opportunity for a large segment of skills and entrepreneurs to move to a dynamic city, and to experience an advanced level of professional and personal life in an environment that values talent and innovative business ideas.

Dubai Launches a Global Entrepreneur Program for Overseas Professionals

Buamim said: “The United Arab Emirates recently ranked first in the list of the best countries in the field of electronic infrastructure in the world according to the Quality of Digital Life Study for 2020, which reflects the vision of the wise leadership to invest in modern technologies and smart transformation to support the business sector. This program contributes to strengthening the emirate’s position as a leading global destination for entrepreneurs, emerging entrepreneurs as well as small and medium enterprises, its reputation as a tourist destination, and a place to obtain an outstanding quality of life.”

Joining the program:

This annual program’s cost is the US $ 287 and health insurance valid in the United Arab Emirates and the application fee for each person. Applications can be submitted via the “visit Dubai” website.

To obtain approval, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months
  • Health insurance valid in the United Arab Emirates
  • Proof of employment from the current employer with a work contract valid for at least one year
  • A certificate of the last salary of no less than 5,000 US dollars and a bank account statement for the previous three months.
  • If the applicant is the owner of a company, he must provide proof of ownership of the company for a year or more, with a monthly income of not less than 5,000 US dollars and a bank account statement for the last three months.

The program allows people to use all services related to residency and work in Dubai, including communications, opening bank accounts, education, and others, to enable them to practice their everyday lives in a city that hosts more than 200 nationalities. Note that Dubai does not impose income tax on individuals.

Best destination ever

Dubai is considered one of the best destinations in the world in which to find a variety of distinctive properties, as it provides broad options for housing and accommodation that meet various tastes and requirements, including villas and apartments on the waterfront as well as inside the city, fully equipped hotels and hotel apartments, which are managed by International operators, plus options for either short or long-term vacation homes.

Over the past years, Dubai has succeeded in strengthening its position as a leading business destination. It can provide many options for running the business, including offices and common spaces designated for work and flexible packages to book meeting rooms, whether for hours, days, or months.

Dubai Launches a Global Entrepreneur Program for Overseas Professionals

People who are keen to expand their contacts and consolidate their relationships can benefit from the tremendous potential provided by Dubai, especially after it became the first city to resume the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions sector at the international level, to restore this sector its prestige and glory and open channels of communication and direct interaction face to face, which is one of the essential factors To accelerate the pace of recovery of other major sectors.

This program reflects the effective management of the “Covid-19” pandemic and the effectiveness of approved health and safety standards, which put the safety of citizens, residents, and visitors at the forefront of priorities.

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