Dubai and Abu Dhabi are officially two of the SAFEST cities in the world to live!

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Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, and quality of health care among some other major statistics. Being a collaborative and interactive platform, it helps users and consumers across the globe to share their fair sense of information about the respective cities they are residing in. Since its formation in 2009, Numbeo conducts a survey on world’s safest and facilitated cities by gathering and analyzing user-contributed data.

Numbeo is quite evidently the biggest platform in terms of its reach and every report published by the platform is highly authentic and much thought-processed. Thus, this year, Numbeo’s annual survey on the safest cities in the world to live found out that UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world at the moment in terms of safety, security, exposure to crimes, and general life facilities.

A recent survey conducted by 'Numbeo' ranked Dubai and Abu Dhabi among the safest cities in the world.

Abu Dhabi has been ranked #1 on the list with its safety index value at 88.26 and crime index percentage at 11.74. However, not just Abu Dhabi, but also Dubai emerged out to make it on the list priding UAE with two of its metropolises listed on such a wide platform. Dubai bagged the position at #11 with its safety index at 81.80 and crime index value at 18.20. Both these cities of UAE were followed by some other major metropolitans in the world like Doha, Singapore, Osaka and Basel. Dubai and Abu Dhabi both displayed immense improvement from yesteryear’s ratings of their crime and safety indexes.

These showings are clearly suggesting that Dubai and Abu Dhabi would be the ideal places to make property investments in. Investments in such safe and crime solemn countries bear good fruits for investors with definitely a healthy more facilitated lifestyle.

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