Dubai a multi-cultural and diverse community

Dubai intends to set new visa exemptions ahead of Expo 2020 that this essay will present detailed information about.

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Dubai is a middle-eastern city that is the largest city of United Arab Emirates and has been recently known as one of the most popular and desirable destinations not only to travel but also to live in, as it is the business hub in the middle east and even in the world. Its economy now relies on trade, real estate, financial services and tourism making it the best place to immigrate to and invest in. Therefore, more and more people show an inclination to come to this city with different purposes making this ever-expanding city a multi-cultural and diverse city with people of more than 120 countries living in it.Dubai a multi-cultural and diverse community

According to what has been discussed above, there is a growing number of people who tends to come to this beautiful city for different things and due to that, UAE intends to rethink about visa on arrival agreements ahead Expo 2020 Dubai, thus, their intention is to add new countries to visa exemptions.

Reasons why they decided to do this, are many that will be discussed in the following. For example, because Dubai is the business and innovation hub, the more diverse it is, the more successful will be in the future. Therefore, some measures are being taken toward making this city even more developed.

For instance, one of them is increased collaborations with the network of industry partners that Dubai is looking forward to doing. The second one, UAE is of the opinion that supporting the partnership of public-private sector will evolve their product. As well as these, Emaar company is taking some actions toward making Dubai more and more diverse, to illustrate, it wants to open five new hotels this year which are all high-quality and luxurious as its brand is. Two new hotels will be launched in Downtown Dubai with the stunning views of Dubai fountain and the incredible skyline in an effort to make them more pleasant.

Dubai a multi-cultural and diverse community

Also, UAE is looking forward to increasing its annual attendants to the ATM ( Arabian travel market ) conference taking place in Dubai world trade center and expects more than 40000 visitors to attend. In this event, also 2500 exhibiting companies and almost 40000 industry professionals are expected to come and as well as these , it should be noticed that more than 100 new exhibitors will make their ATM debut and the most significant thing about the show is that the objective of this event is to show the world the largest exhibition from Asia, with almost 8-percent increase on its year to year in total show and some Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka will be the largest exhibiting countries , regarding   what organizers said.

Apart from these, cooperation with India will be increased in the future as Dubai tourism CEO said.

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