DLD announces an issuance of around 500,000 Real-Estate permits in Dubai!

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RERA- The Real Estate Regulatory Agency has come up with a new divisional system all created to handle the issuance of Real-Estate permits to development entities and even independent developers in order to organize their project launches and promotional campaigns for new developments in the region. Termed as ‘Trakheesi’, this system will also act as the ultimate promotional and advertisement platform for such developers and facilitate them in showcasing their projects effectively to the investment market.

Trakheesi is a highly interactive and meticulously designed electronic program that can easily detect the need for multiple permits correlated sometimes and issue all of them at once per need. This transactional process does not even require RERA in its operation. One can directly attain the permits by translating the requirement to the system.

This electronic system has been designed so intricately because of the reason that there are zillions of intermediary activities the developers carry out in terms of a project’s promotion, its launch, exhibitions etc that RERA should first verify and permit for them to proceed. This process has certainly been strenuous and time-consuming both on the developers as well as RERA’s part. Therefore, Trakheesi has been designed with all the earlier hurdles in mind and how to completely eradicate them.

DLD announces an issuance of around 500,000 Real-Estate permits in Dubai!

Ali Abdulla Al Ali, Director of Real-Estate licensing department at RERA upon issuing 500,000 real-estate permits has been recorded saying: “Achieving this number reflects the overwhelming approval of Trakheesi and the services it provides to customers in an easy, efficient and professional manner. It allows customers to obtain a range of permits to assist with their transactions in the highest degree of transparency and in harmony with the regulations and legislations in this sector.”

Trakheesi has definitely emerged as a path-breaking support system to the community. The system is inevitably provoking utmost efficiency as it recently succeeded in helping brokerage companies and agencies by easing the documentation procedure required in broker card issuances. This system that primarily took 2 whole business days has now been minimized to just 5 minutes through Trakheesi.

Thus, we at dxboffplan.com, applaud this revolutionary move by RERA and DLD and hope such out-of-the-box policies will further fuel progress and prosperity in the Real-Estate industry of UAE.

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