Project NameDevelopment NameCompletion DateMin. PricePrice/sq.ft
District 200 in Wahat Al Zaweya Wahat Al Zaweya Q1 2020 289,000 949
Nasayem Villas Wahat Al Zaweya - 3,022,976 1093
Waha Living Villas Wahat Al Zaweya - 2,928,928 1059
Aryaf Villas Wahat Al Zaweya Q3 2019 2,964,310 874


Wahat Al Zaweya Company for Investment and Real Estate Development led by its General Manager Khaldoun Mohammad Saleh was founded by combining pillars of development: the environment and comfort of residents. The company has become known for developing Wahat Al Zaweya, a 22.7-million square meter master development in the area of Al Faqa in Al Ain.The company aims to meet the growing demand for tourist sites and make it accessible for all. The developer together with its strategic Partner Bonyan International Investment and Real Estate has combined environment, self-sustainability and versatility by creating a 22.7 million square meter-project in Al Faqa (considered a conduit to Al Ain) called Wahat Al Zaweya to provide good opportunities to residents and investors. The company’s vision is to become one of the leading real estate development companies in UAE and become a partner of choice in creating distinctive places to live, work and shop. The group strives to develop projects that provide the finest real estate services based on the highest standard of values and client care for all Emiratis.

Popular Master Developments by Wahat Al Zaweya

Here are just some of the most iconic Master Developments by Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment Co.

  • Wahat Al Zaweya

Wahat Al Zaweya is a future residential city strategically located at the center of UAE, allowing easy  access to Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. The community provides direct interaction with desert arteries, dune buffers and nature reserves.

Popular Projects by Wahat Al Zaweya

Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment Co. has developed a number of key projects in Dubai. Here are just some of them:

  • Aryaf Villas

Aryaf Vlillas is a selection of 213 residential villas located in the Maraha Al Zaweya phase of the Wahat Al Zaweya master development in Dubai-Al Ain Road. The villas are designed exclusively for Emiratis and are located close to nature, even equipped with eco-friendly technology that promotes smart energy solutions.

  • Waha Living Villas

Waha Living Villas is a selection of villas in the Maraha Al Zaweya phase of the Wahat Al Zaweya development. Offering flexible villas that can be expanded in the future, the homes provide comfort, stability and privacy to every family.

  • Nasayem Villas

Nasayem Villas is a range of homes located in Wahat Al Zaweya offering stunning villas that can be customized or expanded in the future. The residences are also just minutes away from a desert-based resort, theme parks and retail outlets.

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