Limitless is a global integrated real estate master developer specializing in large scale master planning, balanced mixed-use communities and waterfront developments by utilizing innovation in urban design, architecture and engineering. The leading developer’s expertise is being harnessed in countries across the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

Vision of Limitless:

“Enhancing and enriching people’s lives through the delivery of distinctive and sustainable developments.”

Mission of Limitless:

” To encourage a healthier lifestyle where people connect and interact with one another, and where communities are vibrant and safe.”

History of Limitless:

Limitless was established in 2005 as a global real estate developer specializing in large scale master planning of balanced and sustainable communities and waterfront developments. Limitless believes that responsible development should focus on people, their needs, and their well-being. This philosophy drives the company to constant innovation in urban design, architecture, and engineering to ensure the delivery of distinctive, life-enhancing developments and communities. Sustainability is an integral part of Limitless’ master planning. Common features of the company’s developments include environment-friendly public transport, walking, and cycling paths, alternative energy use, recycling facilities, and plenty of green open spaces.

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