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Green Valley Tower Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Village Circle - Ready To Move


Green Valley Group Real Estate is property developer established in 2004 providing a wide array of services including real estate development and construction, brokerage services, leasing services and management services. With its group of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Green Valley Group Real Estate assures its clients that they will help them make the right investment decision. The property developer currently owns over 30 real estate projects not only in UAE but also in different parts of the world.

Popular Projects by Green Valley Group Real Estate

Green Valley Group Real Estate has developed a number of key projects in Dubai. Here are just some of them:

  • Green Valley Tower

Green Valley  Tower is a magnificent residential project located in Jumeirah Village which  showcase views of The Els Golf Club in Dubai Sports City and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The 23-storey tower has a distinct design and offers studios, one, two and three-bedroom  arrangements. The residential building is equipped with 4 basement parking floors and just a few minutes away from Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

Green Valley Group Real Estate has also developed a number of key projects in different countries. Here are just some of them.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Boulevard Al Aqah (Fujairah)
  • Dana Island project (Fujairah)


  • Green Valley City – Tbilisi
  • Twin Tower – Batumi


  • Burj Al-Dhabi – Istanbul
  • Bursa Heights – Bursa
  • Bursa Avenue – Bursa
  • Polivard Bursa Comples – Bursa
  • Bursa Villas complex – Bursa
  • Trabzoun Villas – Trabzoun
  • Atlantis Complex – Trabzoun
  • Trabzoun Valley Apartments – Trabzoun
  • Al Khaleej Residential Complex – Yalova
  • Yalova Villas Complex – Yalova
  • Sabanja Complex – Sabanja


  • UAE Residential Complex – Casablanca
  • Casa Project – Casablanca
  • Green Valley City – Marrakech
  • Green Valley City 2 – Marrakech


  • Gardenia Buildings – Saida
  • Andalus Building – Saida
  • Al-Qala’a Buildings – Saida
  • Al-Masa Building – Saida
  • Project Dreamland Villas complex – El Maan
  • Jiyeh Building Project – Jiyeh
  • Jiyeh Villas Project – Jiyeh
  • Lo’aloat Al-Wadi – Jiyeh
  • Bhamdoun Villas – Bhamdoun
  • Debya Villas – Debya
  • Rmeileh Villas 1 & 2 – Rmeileh
  • Aliyah Villas – Aliyah
  • Zahrat Al-Wadi – Jadra


  • Al-Zabadani Complex Buildings – Al-Zabadani
  • Bloudan Buildings Compound – Bloudan


  • Sama Al-Wadi – Cairo


  • City Green Valley Project – Sarajevo
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