Customer Service In The Real-Estate Industry Is The Most Important Thing

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No matter which business you are talking about, the customer is the King, and Always Right. Like all other businesses, Real-Estate is a customer-centric market, so customers are in the first sector of the economy. This is a great part of talking for almost all countries and especially the real estate of the UAE. The UAE owns some globally iconic wonders to its name and is famous for using the intellect to transform a desert into a metropolitan.

If you want to know more about the real estate customer service of property developers in UAE, continue reading.

Customer should be the first and foremost priority for all the real-estate brokers, investors as well as developers.

How to make a successful business in the real estate market?

Each year, thousands of new real estate agents start their businesses with high expectations for income. While it is a fact that in the Real estate market you can make more wealth than almost all other industries in the history of time, some people still remain unsure about getting into the fray. They might be worried about the primary capital, while that is not as important as finding the cash. If you know what you want to do, it means you can create money on the property.

Just pay attention to the fact that the main focal point in this whole enterprise is the customer.

Customer should be the first and foremost priority for all the real-estate brokers, investors as well as developers.

The importance of customer service in Real Estate

If you want to know how customer service affects your real estate business, read the three points below from most real estate businessmen.

  • Murphy, a famous real-estate guru believes you have to live your customer service mantra day to day and always exceed expectations. Today’s clients are looking for fast responses to questions and someone who cares, so if you manage to achieve both at your brokerage, then you’re also building a strong referral base.
  • San Diego-based real estate investor and educator Than Merrill believes that customer service is the most important element of any business because it builds brand loyalty. “The majority of buyers in today’s market want to work with a professional who can offer peace of mind, as the real estate industry can confuse even the most seasoned of veterans.
  • Micah Solomon, a customer service consultant, speaker, and trainer, agrees that the most direct route to build and sustain business comes from delivering world-class customer service. A single satisfied client can spread the word to hundreds or thousands of their contacts online, he adds. And due to the emotional and stressful nature of dealing with such an important transition, achieving high-level customer service in real estate is more essential than in most industries, Solomon says.

Customer should be the first and foremost priority for all the real-estate brokers, investors as well as developers.

What are the best practices for client service in real estate?

Here are seven tips to help you start implementing them in your real estate business and deliver great real estate customer service.

●    Immediate Response to Inquiries.

It is important that your customer feels important, so if you are communicating online or via text, try to make as quick a response as you can. If you have a prospective client who contacts you for the first time but doesn’t hear back that same day, you might lose him or her.

●    Exercise unparalleled transparency.

A professional real estate agent should be transparent when working with a client to build trust and increase brand loyalty. A customer will choose you as a source of information on something as important as off-plan projects, when they trust you.

●    The Focus Point is the Client.

While you have to try to achieve intimacy with your client and understand their preferences, or their children’s names, be aware not to be over-the-top. Be careful about each client’s nature, how busy they are at the moment, and tune in to their cues.

●    Show them you care.

If you can build a friendship with your clients, it could be a great key to success. For example, you can make plans for some friend and family events each year and gather everyone to keep close ties.

●    Keep up with virtual reality technology.

You can use the technology behind VR to enhance the customer’s home shopping experience. In this way, your clients can put on a headset to meet you and take a tour of a home from their current home or office.

●    Deliver the best customer service.

As your customers might compare your service with other businesses like a five-star hotel, you should be the best not just in the real estate business, but the best in all industries.

●    Get everyone’s name in your CRM system.

Murphy provides a CRM platform for all his agents and trains them on how to use it effectively. “We encourage our agents to have their entire database and sphere in the system. It makes keeping track of contact information, important dates, and life happenings so much easier,” he says. They use this way to give all clients, a birthday and anniversary card on time.


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