Changing Business Etiquette Due to Spread of Corona Virus

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Due to the global outbreak of coronavirus, people are recommended and sometimes forced not to shake hands. However, not shaking hands in formal or business settings may seem offense. In fact, you don’t want to get sick, but also you don’t want to seem impolite. If you want to know what to do, read this to the end.

What should you do without seeming impolite?

Follow the rules: Considering the current situation, you should avoid some usual behaviors such as a hug, a handshake and also a social kiss. You can show your social responsibility by following the new hygiene rules. A sincere smile along with a nod can be a warm greeting. The sincerity of your facial expressions also is very important here.

Improvise: Another way is choosing the route of Prince Charles. He opted for a namaste when he was in his official visit. You should know that safety is much more important than etiquette. Being safe is a sign showing your support to the public health system. First, you should clasp your hands. Then, end the greeting with a sincere smile without any physical touch.

Be socially responsible: These days, there are some humorous posts in social media about the spread of the virus. It is better to take responsibility and raise our awareness in this dangerous situation. So, public safety and health is nothing funny. Don’t make fun of that. Pay attention that your posts can influence people around you.

Be the first who acts: Sometimes, you can set the rules around you with your actions, but not always with the words. You can practice hygiene manners, and be sure that people around you follow you. Good actions are contagious. Preaching is always of little value if you don’t demonstrate practicing yourself. So, be the one who starts complying with hygiene rules.

Remain calm: There is much panic these days due to the spread of coronavirus. Anyone is talking or reading about it. You should avoid making some generic statements about the virus and the disease it causes unless you have something positive to share or say. Offering optimistic and hopeful information about the situation would be the best you can do.

Train your staff at home or work: If you are the CEO of a company, it is your responsibility to educate your staff to maintain hygiene. Keep sanitizers, masks, and tissues everywhere. So, they will be reminded of maintaining hygiene at all times.

Be mindful: Keep abreast of the latest advice from the centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As you probably know, the outbreak of the virus is different from region to region. So, be aware of the newest recommendations of health officials in your region.

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