Appreciation of The UAE Government in Forms of Long-Term Visa

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As it was put forward in previous articles, UAE has issued long-term residency for some of entrepreneurs who have been nearly their entire lives in the UAE. The long-term residency varies from Gold Card and 10-year visa to 5-year visa. The objective of UAE has been to open the doors of this wealthy middle-eastern country to talents and entrepreneurs in order to improve its economy, and the visa receivers themselves have considered this step of UAE government as an appreciation of their services. Here are the name of some of new visa receivers and their opinions according to

Appreciation of The UAE Government in Forms of Long-Term Visa

The first recipient of the Gold Card and the chairman of Lulu Group- Yusuf Ali MA- has appreciated this action of UAE’s government, and thinks of this step of UAE’s government as an amazing opportunity for young entrepreneurs to fulfill their potentials and recognition of efforts of expats who has spent decades in this country . He also added that Lulu Group intends to invest back in this country and the region to reciprocate the generous gesture of UAE government. The Gold Card will absolutely open the doors for entrepreneurs to build a strong economy and a diversified country.

Another person who has received the 10-year visa of UAE is Vasudev Shamdas Shroff, the chairman of Regal Group, is of the opinion that this step of UAE government will transform the floating population of to a stable resident population of investors and gifted individuals who want to make UAE their home. He has also said that this action will have a positive influence on employment. As well as that, he thinks “UAE is on its way to becoming one of the stable, happy and secure places to live in “. He also believes that the UAE has been home to his family now, and the long-term visa will strengthen the ties between the UAE government and the entrepreneurs. At the end, he has said that he is so proud and thankful of government for this highly precious step.

Khushi Khatwani, the chairman of Khushi Jewellers is an entrepreneur who has been working and living in this country for five decades. He is of the opinion that this step is a thoughtful initiative that instills the sense of belonging in the hearts and minds of the expat community, who has been living in this beautiful and comfortable country for nearly their whole life. He also thinks of this valuable visa as an indication of acknowledgment and affirmation of the service of the expat community and will make them more involved in their businesses, jobs or whatever they are doing in a more relaxed manner with a long term vision.

Appreciation of The UAE Government in Forms of Long-Term Visa

He also added that this country is unique offering incredible things that can not be found in other parts of the world. For instance, he said, “we have raised our family in a country which suggests different friends from different background and culture “. Briefly, he knows the UAE his home away from his home.

Another person who has received the valuable residency of the UAE is DR Azad Moopen , founder chairman and managing director , Aster DM Healthcare who is so proud of this visa , and believes that being chosen for this long-term residency is a great privilege , and UAE is a country which has happiness in its heart and tolerance in its soul . He also likes other visa recipients is of the opinion that this step of UAE authorities means an acknowledgment for the contribution of these entrepreneurs to the growth of this wealthy middle-eastern country.

As well as these, he has said that it is an honor for his family to call this beautiful country their home, especially his children who have been in this country or his grandchildren who were born or brought to this comfortable country.

Rizwan Sajan, founder, and chairman of Danube Group is also among those entrepreneurs who has received the long-term visa of the UAE. This successful businessman also consider this beautiful country his home, and he thinks of this valuable step of the UAE’s government as a tool to boost the investments in this country, and he is sure that this action is the beginning of more schemes toward success of this country. He has said that this measure would develop a sense of belonging among the community of entrepreneurs. The realty developer has suggested other visa recipients to keep investing in new ventures that help businesses grow, create job opportunity and just enjoy the freedom. Sajan added that “ we will continue to support the UAE economy – with renewed confidence “.

Appreciation of The UAE Government in Forms of Long-Term Visa

Dr. Ram Buxani is another recipient of the long-term visa. He is the chairman of ITL Cosmos Group, and he has spent 6 decades in the UAE. He is of the opinion that having lived in this country for nearly 60 years has made this country his home, and he is not able to call it anything else . He has also said that this step will build the UAE government and make it more resilient. This great step of the UAE government has created rare confidence in the expat community. As well as this, he thinks that now it is time to reflect what expats have done for the host nation, and the role of these kinds of businessmen requires a lot of attention.

According to what has been discussed above, all the recipients of the long-term visa consider it as an acknowledgment of UAE government for what they have done for decades, and nearly all of them put forward the importance of keeping investing in different ventures in this valuable country.

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