Apply for Entry Permits & Visit Visas to UAE in just 15 seconds now!

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Apply for Entry Permits & Visit Visas to UAE in just 15 seconds now!

UAE has known to be a country always upgrading and modifying its technological vigor. A country known to be a tourism hub, a haven and home to hundreds and thousands of expatriates flowing in each year in search of better futures and opportunities, UAE has always firmly believed in the provision of the best of services to its residents as well as visitors. Be it for tourism purposes, visiting relatives or just coming to the country in search of opportunities, people travel to UAE in large volumes and facilitating them with utmost precision and efficiency is a herculean task.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), therefore, came up with the idea of introducing and incorporating the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence within its operating system. This device, working along the principles of Artificial Intelligence has minimized human intervention drastically and works in record time with utmost precision. This device, called the “Entry Permit 50+”, was tested to process and finish over 5 million transactions in a record time with officials confirming absolutely 0 waiting and 99% fewer visitors now visiting the service centers and waiting in queues.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, the Director General of GDRFA upon the introduction of this revolutionary concept stated: “We have been testing the system all year long, and it proved to achieve full accuracy, even more than human employees.” He added, “By 50+, we mean we are moving 50 years forward.”

Apply for Entry Permits & Visit Visas to UAE in just 15 seconds now!

The department has also come up with the smart app and website for “Entry Permit 50+” where applicants can submit their documents and apply online. This way, the Artificial Intelligence system will scan the documents quickly before the issuance of visas on the spot.

Not just that, the whole system has been developed very strategically and smartly in coherence with the other operational components involved with visa and entry permits. Shedding some light over this, the Assistant Director General for entry and residence permits, Colonel Dr Omar Ali Saeed Al Shamsi stated: “The system is connected to other Government entities which allows faster document checks. For example, the system checks medical certificate based on records from the health authorities. The application time has been reduced from previous 4-6 hours, to now reach only 15 seconds.”

Thus, the system is a highly advanced and modulated one and is expected to further fasten the authorities’ role and benefit people visiting the region.

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